Friday, November 23, 2007

manic friday's been 2 weeks of heaveness!!plus it's payday!!weee~!!went to meet fiza today.picked her up at INTAN and guess what this minah did??

sangat takde keje and took a picture of me driving.INTAN sangat dekat with plaza damas okay.seronok!lets do it again!! anyways,went to BSC for mcD.i craved for mcd all the sudden so we headed to the fc.and makan~~!! just do our usual lepak and minum and making fun of other people and ourselves.i hate that it has to be 2hrs je.i always hope we could like hang out til petang,boleh? :D then sent her back to her office.and me,back to plaza dumbass.with workloads awaits.shait ;D

gone back to office and i was assigned my first customer support task.horror when i was supposed to reply the email.i hafta use the right word and this time no main2.i hafta provide SQL statement.i was like woah~! how should i know??gilers.but it was a bit thrilling though.yosh! i can do it!insyaAllah~.oh definitely i wanna go SOPPPINNGGGGGGG heart singing like shait! ;)

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