Saturday, November 03, 2007

it's time to change..

hey are you? :) it's my first weekend where there's no 'makan-makan'.hehe.but oh! one!i ate laksa.hehe.just got back from mom's fren's house.sedappp..i'm full for marble cheese cake from my aunt and it was deliciouusss~!! i ate like 4 small slices!!;p listening to robin thicke and uhhh~!! his voice is s0oo noiceee!! and downloaded aly and aj too.not bad.i always have this interest in husky voices and rocking attitude people.and oh!! i love 'teach a lesson' by robin thicke.suaranya sungguuhhh soothingg~!! aahhhh... ;p while reading the book i wanted so0o long : Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama.remember?

it'a all i need today.a good rest,good book and good song :) oh,and's been one month,working :) it's not that hard so far,but it's not easy i'm just hoping for the best.insyaAllah..anyways, went to OU to find a new quilt for my bed :D my bed is all psyched now.haha.i can hear it enough delussional erin! ;D so went to find a new quilt since it's the JCard offer thingy yada yada yada.cari punya cari..but came back frustrated.haishh..s0o hard to find the right's either single or king je yang available~ queen tade *sigh* i should have gone to IKEA.but since we were just trying our luck so we're s0o goinggg to IKEA tomorrow ;) ..found this pweetty quilt last week.but i wasn't sure if they have it in queen size.if they do! i am s0o gonna buy it.and it's s0oo pweeetyy and cool!! i loveee the color.the one that i saw in OU was ok-la.and there's this one in retro color and it's definitely ooh-vibrant-la-la.but i don't want to come back with tired eyes from work and end up 'celik balik' cause the color shocked mi brain!haha.i'm looking for something in deep purple or any purple i dun mind.uuuhhh~!! but maroon should be fine with me ;) so i was thinking of getting this quilt from ikea.and if takde queen juge..i have to take that s0o not ceria but yet cosy looked comforter i saw in OU as my second choice.haishh..i'm praying hard so that the one in IKEA got in queen size!! :D

cuns kan?i mean the color~!i loveee ;) oh well,it's time to change.hehe.including my very own bedroom.gonna add new curtains too.i love the purple organza curtain in IKEA.i think it suits the quilt :) uuhhh~!! all dreamy finger crossed for tomorrow.hehe.speaking of changes.i changed my blog design too :) just making it simple and no more crappy talks have a nice weekends peeps! much love xxx

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