Saturday, November 17, 2007

it's another happy saturday!!

hellowww peeps!me woke up earrrly today.jog 2 rounds in the kiara park.and saw this YAWA bazaar!saw few handbags.grabbed!weee~!!! it's cheap for 200RM ;p and it's hobo!i loike.canaz shushhh!! ;p met kak reiny.hehe.the YAWA thingy is under Exxon her workplace organized the bazaar thingy.then me went to meet lil bumble bee.went for breakfast.had soto and teh ais.pakcik soto takde.tutup.he passed away.condolence to his afamily and friends.bumble bee balik kampung this evening.and now i'm on my fluffy bed to lala land.hoping for good saturday.planned to go for sushi but i think i tak larat.haha!wanna relaxx today.maybe will go to sushi and movie tomorrow :) i miss sushi.met fiza yesterday for lunch.had good lunch,as usual.ate @ yik mun.the curry was fabulicious.but the white coffee was bittersweet.i prefer station's kopi ais was fine.getting hang of it.elvin's happy,new baby's he did not give me any work extension.mexican wave!

november is in it's mid now.soon will be 26th! pee's coming home.happy.and soon will be dec.happy too!s0o looking forward for papa's birthday.dunno what to buy him.but still thrilled.* i guess the thrilled was from handbags shopping just now* ;p have a nice weekend peeps.much love xxx

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