Thursday, November 08, 2007

happy deepavali..

last weekends went to my lil bumble bee's small makan2.the custard was beyondd!!had rendang,satay and lontong too!sedapness!! :)

went to BU to lava's house for deepavali today.ate roti jala??hihi.her mom got this malay taste in her la.there's rendang ayam,kambing and kari ayam.yum2.i didnt eat any indian food.takut rasa pelik but still feels like home.we had always been friends.since....12years ago kutt!!;) but i loveee the cookies.i ate the homemade cornflakes like 6-7pieces kutt :P anyways,had fun!!but esok keje..sigh~

anyways,happy deepavali to whoever celebrates it :) take care!much love xxx

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