Sunday, November 25, 2007

the unplanned shopping : series of fortunate event.haha!

woke up earlyyyy usual my weekly jog at the park.did few rounds of jogs which was dayme tiringgg.but it was great!feel like ringannn je badan.winks!but end up a bit sakit2 pinggang because i forgot to do some streching.but not THAT bad went to jasima for teh tarik and goodness roti telur.haha.there goes all my tiring jogging down the head home.and i just felt s0oooo's out.ash's planned for an outing with emi.doh!and me?!! he was supposed to accompany me to my shopppiinggg :( i texted reply.texted nadz.replied! ready and off we went to ikano!!

went for random shopping.main aim for nadz : pressie for mom. me : pressie for nadz and ham.and guess what?? we both end up changing our main aim : pressie for both of us!LOL.girls can be s0o distracted with their main aims when it comes to shopping.can't help's in the me bought this uber cute+cool clothes.and nadz bought this super cuteness shirt for work cum berjalan2.hehe.and we went for lunch at uncle kim's.which was least for today..hehe.and off we went for another window shopping.and ME,end up buying more clothes.but it's for my lil bro and ham :D peace! but still,one aim down.and many more to go!! so suddenly we feel like going to squareroom @ plaza off we fled to sri hartamas.

found a f.o.c parking space and headed straight to squareroom and my ever been eyed for almost 2months shoe is no longer there!!sob2.i guess we were not meant to be.haha!but as love blooms again.wth?haha.i'm talking abt shuz frenzzzyyy!! nadz was looking for an outfit for her outings.i'm not sure if it's for tonight ;D and she end up buying this cute pink shirt cum blouse!!! s0ooo different but cute!hehe.berjaya memujuk her.and then me,i was eyeing this cute peeptoe,again! but there's a slight uncomfiness when i put it on.despite the superrrr cuteness.i just hafta think twice.maybe they have a cuter designs next week?? so i decided to watch nadz shuz frenzzyy instead.she bought 2 freaking cute is black and another one is super hawt sexxay white peeptoe!dayme!i'm so jealous right now!!but it's ok.i can go to plaza damas everyday ;p but we are both stoked!! it was definitely unplanned but really fortunate for us to find the right thing!! but our aim : mission unaccomplished :P but if our mission was : buy pressies for ourselves (loads of 'em) --> MISSION ACCOMPLISHED : dengan jayanya!haha.wish i could upload the picture we took.hehe.u can see loads of papaerbags!! ;D

and guess what?? we are going for another shopping tomorrow! although separately..but still!! SHOPPINGGGGGG!!! ;D have a nice weekends peeps! xxx

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Friday, November 23, 2007

manic friday's been 2 weeks of heaveness!!plus it's payday!!weee~!!went to meet fiza today.picked her up at INTAN and guess what this minah did??

sangat takde keje and took a picture of me driving.INTAN sangat dekat with plaza damas okay.seronok!lets do it again!! anyways,went to BSC for mcD.i craved for mcd all the sudden so we headed to the fc.and makan~~!! just do our usual lepak and minum and making fun of other people and ourselves.i hate that it has to be 2hrs je.i always hope we could like hang out til petang,boleh? :D then sent her back to her office.and me,back to plaza dumbass.with workloads awaits.shait ;D

gone back to office and i was assigned my first customer support task.horror when i was supposed to reply the email.i hafta use the right word and this time no main2.i hafta provide SQL statement.i was like woah~! how should i know??gilers.but it was a bit thrilling though.yosh! i can do it!insyaAllah~.oh definitely i wanna go SOPPPINNGGGGGGG heart singing like shait! ;)

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

my new addictions..

i didnt go to sushi nor any movies today.nadz came for laksa johor yesterday.we just hang out at my house watching sports was fun.laughing at them and of coz nadz laughing at my weird word-stumbled habit i woke up at 10 and off to banting to see my new babyborn cousin.lost our way for almost an hour and dad's sulking wishing he didn't go at the first place.had the best nasi kerabu for dinner and now listening to bic runga and alexz johnson.changed my background and off to my new bad is my addictions? really bad that even i have to do it at work!;p and even worse i could see myself arranging the tiles and counting the marks in my dreams!!how crazy is that?you tell me ;p

yep my new addictions is to the ever famous scrabulous.which is now called 'scrab' as according to my scrab partner,lia.we definitely killing our time at work so that our ever boring+hectic workload won't kill us dead in boredom.but it was fun seriously.i don't mind playing it all day long.the marks are s0o unpredictably high at times.there's one time when a guy beated me with 62points in one of his words! superb!!but since i had been getting this unpredictable workloads.i have to make sure that my addiction will not disturb my concentration at work.(yeahhh right erin) ;p i will definitely say my thanks to dzu.(if u're reading this.coz ur the first person who makes me wanna play scrabulous.haha!) and believe it or not.i now have a new scrab addicted friend,canaz!hehehe.congrats congrats and thanks for having ur ample time to play scrab with me.(crazy!! i know ) and my second addiction is the fluff race.yes you can laugh but true true!gambling is not good for your health and your time at work too!you will be overly excited when u won a high bet and u will be extremely sad or distracted if you lost all of your munny.but it's fun to see how u get to bet on cute lil fluffs! :) demm those FB apps inventor!blame them,done blame on me!;p

tomorrow is finally THE day! elvin's gonna teach me on the whole real system tomorrow.and i am definitely nervous and hoping that i will not even log into the FB!!if not.i'm dead!! my addictions could expelled me! :P wish me luck.have a nice weekends peeps and too bad tomorrow is MONDAY!!!boo hoo!! ;P

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

it's another happy saturday!!

hellowww peeps!me woke up earrrly today.jog 2 rounds in the kiara park.and saw this YAWA bazaar!saw few handbags.grabbed!weee~!!! it's cheap for 200RM ;p and it's hobo!i loike.canaz shushhh!! ;p met kak reiny.hehe.the YAWA thingy is under Exxon her workplace organized the bazaar thingy.then me went to meet lil bumble bee.went for breakfast.had soto and teh ais.pakcik soto takde.tutup.he passed away.condolence to his afamily and friends.bumble bee balik kampung this evening.and now i'm on my fluffy bed to lala land.hoping for good saturday.planned to go for sushi but i think i tak larat.haha!wanna relaxx today.maybe will go to sushi and movie tomorrow :) i miss sushi.met fiza yesterday for lunch.had good lunch,as usual.ate @ yik mun.the curry was fabulicious.but the white coffee was bittersweet.i prefer station's kopi ais was fine.getting hang of it.elvin's happy,new baby's he did not give me any work extension.mexican wave!

november is in it's mid now.soon will be 26th! pee's coming home.happy.and soon will be dec.happy too!s0o looking forward for papa's birthday.dunno what to buy him.but still thrilled.* i guess the thrilled was from handbags shopping just now* ;p have a nice weekend peeps.much love xxx

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

saturday morning rain is falling

went to fiza's house yesterday.had some makan2 some more!!i promised her anyways.she came for lunch with me last friday so i am sort of i went to her house with nadz.and it was jammed in KL!!damn those rally thingy~!! we were stucked in the traffic for almost 30mins.then later on in the evening went to my aunt's house in bangi.aroun 4.30pm.STILL jammed!!and we were stucked near east in for 30mins!! haiyooo..and guess what?!! there was even heavier traffic at the serdang toll!!cars were stalled.buses,trucks and segala jenis kenderaan la.even there's people coming out from their cars,siap isap rokok and even ada yang tangkap gamba of the heavy traffic,climbed up the divider.giler okaayyy!!lucky us.we went the opposite,otw back we decided to take the puchong route.hassle free! ;) but later on at 10pm went to riza's wedding!it was huge!!!and she was damn prettty!! and i met all my old primary skoolmates.seronot!!and i met khadijah and her ever edorable daughter aishah.so0 grumpy!! but cute~! :D

the whole day was s0oo tiring.end up sleeping at 2am ;p ..woke up at 930am today and got up and get ready for open house@ santai.there were s0o many foooddd!!yum2.i ate nasi lemak,spageti,choc cake,sateS,muffins,truffles,3cups of teh!!banyak kan??then after the open house helped my bro to babysit my bumble bee and then headed home.had a greaaattt time at homework was also done!tuned to robin thicke,bic runga,kings of convenience,hujan,feist and franz ferdinand.aahh just what i needed.cleaned up the closet and the whole room too.did some a book and just lay down on the bed to good music.managed to get the coding done to present to my senior tomorrow.i had a great about u? :)

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

happy deepavali..

last weekends went to my lil bumble bee's small makan2.the custard was beyondd!!had rendang,satay and lontong too!sedapness!! :)

went to BU to lava's house for deepavali today.ate roti jala??hihi.her mom got this malay taste in her la.there's rendang ayam,kambing and kari ayam.yum2.i didnt eat any indian food.takut rasa pelik but still feels like home.we had always been friends.since....12years ago kutt!!;) but i loveee the cookies.i ate the homemade cornflakes like 6-7pieces kutt :P anyways,had fun!!but esok keje..sigh~

anyways,happy deepavali to whoever celebrates it :) take care!much love xxx

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


haha.macam tajuk lagu britney plak ;p how's work+life peeps?it's first half of my second month working and yes,already given 2 freaking tasks and i'm telling you these stuffs are tough!! feels like stupid all over again.but hey,i gotta be stronger.this is what a programmer do.everytime my boss gave me a task and i couldn't finish it by 6pm..i started to freak mind racing,heart throbbing and i feel like suffocating.what's with me? no wonder elvin told me,"don't panic".haha!maybe i did look a bit cuaks.but hey! this is just the beginning and i'm already one foot in.but my ever reliable story book always help me ;) kalau i rasa stress2..bukak buku ni..ahhh..sent me back to japan.feels like i'm the author.haha.besides being stronger at work a.k.a debugging cum designing.i am stronger to go against my wills when the urge to reach for chipsmore and yummy2 hersheys in my's just irresistable.time2 stress.the only thing i need is CHOCOLATES.yum2~!! but wow~!! i made it thru for the told me i'm getting better 'tahan'!! and my booty become licious! kee??tak perasan poon!!!lalalalala~~ i bet it was mom's 'ilusi optik' :P

i had this weird gastric lately.woke up at 230am and then woke up again at 5am.then i end up fasting coz i can't contain the pain!!if i eat,it will 'come out'.if i DON'T eat,it also 'come out' .but guesss what?? mom told me it was a crazy idea to i end up eating bread,on my half day of fasting and the rumbly tummy went dead.sheessh!! wasted my fasting je! >:P today i decided not to fast. ;D now,eaten my tuna sandoichi and yummy milo.all kicked up for work!buzzzzz~!! mom said i'm too lavish on food.but ma!!i only spent rm5 maximum per day!! isn't that like supercheap?? talking about all kicked up for work..but what the hell am i doing now?? hmmm.. ;p back to work .. ;)

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

it's time to change..

hey are you? :) it's my first weekend where there's no 'makan-makan'.hehe.but oh! one!i ate laksa.hehe.just got back from mom's fren's house.sedappp..i'm full for marble cheese cake from my aunt and it was deliciouusss~!! i ate like 4 small slices!!;p listening to robin thicke and uhhh~!! his voice is s0oo noiceee!! and downloaded aly and aj too.not bad.i always have this interest in husky voices and rocking attitude people.and oh!! i love 'teach a lesson' by robin thicke.suaranya sungguuhhh soothingg~!! aahhhh... ;p while reading the book i wanted so0o long : Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama.remember?

it'a all i need today.a good rest,good book and good song :) oh,and's been one month,working :) it's not that hard so far,but it's not easy i'm just hoping for the best.insyaAllah..anyways, went to OU to find a new quilt for my bed :D my bed is all psyched now.haha.i can hear it enough delussional erin! ;D so went to find a new quilt since it's the JCard offer thingy yada yada yada.cari punya cari..but came back frustrated.haishh..s0o hard to find the right's either single or king je yang available~ queen tade *sigh* i should have gone to IKEA.but since we were just trying our luck so we're s0o goinggg to IKEA tomorrow ;) ..found this pweetty quilt last week.but i wasn't sure if they have it in queen size.if they do! i am s0o gonna buy it.and it's s0oo pweeetyy and cool!! i loveee the color.the one that i saw in OU was ok-la.and there's this one in retro color and it's definitely ooh-vibrant-la-la.but i don't want to come back with tired eyes from work and end up 'celik balik' cause the color shocked mi brain!haha.i'm looking for something in deep purple or any purple i dun mind.uuuhhh~!! but maroon should be fine with me ;) so i was thinking of getting this quilt from ikea.and if takde queen juge..i have to take that s0o not ceria but yet cosy looked comforter i saw in OU as my second choice.haishh..i'm praying hard so that the one in IKEA got in queen size!! :D

cuns kan?i mean the color~!i loveee ;) oh well,it's time to change.hehe.including my very own bedroom.gonna add new curtains too.i love the purple organza curtain in IKEA.i think it suits the quilt :) uuhhh~!! all dreamy finger crossed for tomorrow.hehe.speaking of changes.i changed my blog design too :) just making it simple and no more crappy talks have a nice weekends peeps! much love xxx

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