Friday, October 05, 2007

work sucks i know..

hey's Ramadhan?we're left with just another week tell we meet Syawal.insyaAllah.not Awal Ashaari,it's my 3rd day today and its weekend!!!weeee~!!! so far the work is like "uhhhhh??" BLURRR had been reading the system over and over and over again.trying hard to understand.end up.i found myself doodling in facebook.haha!sucker!

i remembered andrew,a friend from canada,had been asking me about facebook like everytime we chatted.and i was like..urm "no,i dont have" and i was thinking like.."sape lagi la mat salleh yang aku kenal" haa...after he invited me.haaa..sila!! bukan setakat mat salleh?!! minah salleh bapak salleh dollah salleh semua ada kut kat dalam facebook i tell you,facebook is funner than offends.but i DO use friendster still,mind you.and yes,i remembered talking to nuren like a month ago

nuren:ko buat ape tu?

erin:urm muka buku.hehehehehe

nuren:hahaha tak abes2 ngan muka bukua ko!

and YES..till now,tak abes2!! playing my fluffy (tea-cuss) plak.sebab kesian,haritu tak cukup dah kaya raya.asyik race and bagi dia makan wonder kak hana's napoleon dynamite is s0o laju!!157mp cup!why am i talking about facebook plak nih??lol.back to the main topic.oh sucks i know..but still..u need money.hoh!giler materialistic.hahaha.but u need education and experience too.compared to my other friends.i had done nothing yet.i hope i could pull through.ganbarimasuuu!!yoshh happy fly-day!! much love xxx

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