Wednesday, October 31, 2007

raya festive is still in the air

hey peeps!how u doin?i am superly fine and happy.haha.that's because of the anandamide inside my super duper delicious hersheys.had been eating chocs every single day and i'm sensing major fattening soon?hai meh?? :P hope so

how's your WHOLE month of syawal?the raya festive is still in the air i could smell.had been having these people coming every weekends and lucky them,mama seemed to cook extra for us and the people,just in case there's 'uninvited' people coming to our crib.but of course,most of them are just our cousins and family friends.but still,i love people coming for raya.its not like we could meet them on any given days.everyone seemed to be too busy or too busy making themselves busy.haha.anyways,last saturday,went to aji's open house with aysha and her fiancee.weee..dapat naik mazda 3..uuuhhh~!! :P and thanks aji.had a great chicken spagetti by izat and delicious teh tarik and jelly pudding too! :)

i looked so happily kenyanggg..haha..

the next day was a small makan2 for whoever people who came on sunday.haha.and it's my lil bro's first time to bring his so-called-famous girlfriend to our house.but i rather not make her feel like a princess la.but she seemed to be nice and humble i'm ok with it.haha.btw,i love ur shoes,emy ;p and oh,dear!!guess who came?? my twins!! sofia chang!! rindu giler minah ni.isogashi nak mati!! sebuk keje part time and as assistant pharmacist,you!hihi.

i wished aishah could come.rindu her too.but it's ok.we still live nearby anyways.ouh,earlier in the morning went out breakfast with nadz at santai.azz!!santai dah bukak balik,tau.its all renovated and tiled.hehe.wish u were here :( else than that..i'm just t0ooo tired to update s0o many pictures.i'm thinking of buying an external hard disk.i have t0oo many pictures!!thousands and thousands of them.haishh..maybe i should start doing scrapbooking like vivy.she is s0o creative.maybe i can make that as my favourite past time. ;) ok then.i'm up to something's a story of a gaijin.i think i'm gonna make it unprivate soon.but wait..i have to make sure my co writer is agree with me.hehe.ok peeps.i'm at work now.hafta stop.take care all.much love xxx

p/s: to people in malaysia,don't forget to watch KAMI tonight ;)

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