Monday, October 15, 2007

my raya was FUN!!

hey peeps!!selamat hari's such a festive season aint it?i feel s0oo festive :D just got back from kelantan.and yes.the trip and celebration in kelantan was super fun!!!!as usual :) and special thanks to pee and azz!!thanks for calling you guys!love yah!!hehe.s0oo..let the pictures do the talking! :)

raya eve

1 Syawal!!! :)

2nd Syawal :)

this hotel reminds me of KAMI !! ;)

3rd Syawal : going home

so i hope u all had a great hari raya!safe journey home and have a great holidays :) as for me,going off to work tomorrow.bummer!!dahla i'm the only malay who'll be working tomorrow.dayme!oh well,i can always play scrabulous.haha.scrabulous anyone? :p take care!much love xxx

p/s:this year tak tangkap gambar food during raya.takut kawan overseas drooling.haha.peace! v

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