Thursday, October 25, 2007

i need a break

hey peeps!now i know why those people dah keje takde masa nak update! for's not like takde masa.i have ample of everyday surely main scrabulous!addictive okeeiii..i had always been a word games freak thanks to people yang rajin nak main ngan i.specially abg fariz and lia.hehe.and kak hana too!kak hana is super pro kut.nak main ngan dia pun takut.haha!but i just don't have the time to blog.ape nak cerita pun tak tau.but surely at times like these..rasa macam blog la tempat nak berceloteh..

harini hectic giler.tak tau back ached.and i had this like sadddd feeling.i think it just there just wait for the right time to trigger.hah!so this evening had a fight with papu.ape lagi.big girls don't cry konon.hoh.but i think its all the feelings yang peaked inside end up.the volcano bursted!but it's ok.i'm a forgiver.but i am not a person who gives up easily.even quarelling pun i nak menang.haha.demm!!but my bad la.both of us were not in the good mood.both were tired so end up.we're not talking to each other since 3hours ago??haishh..sorry papu.i love u!!huhuhu.oh hey~!! tomorrow is friday~! i can't wait till saturday coz i wanna meet nadz!! rinduuu..oh,speaking of nadz...

nadz came to my house last cooked laksa penang so i decided to invite nadz and mom to come and eat our laksa.although for like an hour.but the ending was funny went nadz mom suddenly went..shoe frenzy??hehe.u know what i meant nadz :D

nadz and me

so,went to few open houses last week.went to kak farah's house too! met lil iman,nasreen and lil new boy,aliff!!aweee..they are all adorable.cuteness!!and finally i get to see kak farah and abg pian.happy happy happy.

lil aliff

me and nasreen

me and kak farah

then i also went to iera's open was fun la.met old skool mate from ttdi?!!woww~!!it's like 10years ago kut tak! me and aysha ate A LOT!!haha.semua orang pun cakap.but takpe.badan kami comels je :P

okay then.have a nice weekends~! i hope i will.hehe.any open houses to go this weekends? tell me about that :P

btw,to nurul nadiah ibrahim..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUNCHKINS!! may Allah bless u always and may you have a great birthday bash.have fun dear!!love yah!!muahsss!!! xxx

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