Sunday, October 07, 2007

how i hate goodbyes and boring weekend

hey u doin?it had been tough and boring weekends but still i had been sleeping in late malam2 baru nak ada mood nak chat,update blog and mukabuku-ing.*sucker* oh was ur weekends?mine..SAD and feel s0oo..blur but yet relaxingggg...aaaahhhh ;) lets start with my far,my job is like s0oo blur..just like my title : VB programmer a.k.a VERY BLUR programmer.but my team leader told me dat its gonna be dat way for the first month or perhaps i think i haven't done nothing nothing is stressful.but bulan Ramadhan!!silalah~~!! everytime my team leader come to me and explain the system it's like there's a switch button at my eyes which will automatically go s0ooo 'sleepy'!! haha.whenever he wants to explain..mulalah mata i terkebil2 menahan mengantuk.erin..erin.. :P

besides the boring very blur programmer for starters..i had a pretty blur emotions too yesterday.i WAS sad..but i just couldnt show it.takut nanti lagi teruk keadaan.anyways,went to send azz off at klia with nadz.urghhhh!!i really hate goodbyes.especially when u will realize dat its gonna be dull and boring weekends on the months and years ahead u without her :( but watta do.she has to work you know :( s0o..

i wasnt crying when she left.but when i was looking back at our pics.suddenly feel like "rinduuuuuunyeeee".haihh..anyways..its good for her.keje kat sana,gaji pun ok.its not easy to get a job there to azzahraa annuar..congrats on your job post in delloite,uk.ur gonna make your family proud and me,nadz too!love yah babe!!and may Allah guide your to success..

alaaa...benciiii :( i'm all teary now..sobsob..

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