Thursday, October 11, 2007

have a FUN hari raya n maaf zahir batin

hey u doing?wowww!!it's almost a month now.we had been blessed with such blessful month of's Ramadhan treating u?me,as i just start working..i could say..TIRINGGGG..besides playing scrabulous all the can be s0oo freaking addictive okaayy..i bet who plays know this ;p had been little time too!i just couldnt get to everyone on time.been breaking certain hearts and hurting them without noticing it.i guess people can be s0o selfish and proud least i know,i did :(

anyhow,dikesempatan ini..i just wanna wish a happy and FUN hari raya to all.maaf zahir batin.and sorrryyyy sangat2 to all who i've been neglected for the past few years,months,weeks or days.i am just s0oo sorry :( to all i've reached thru friendster,facebook,ym,msn,texts and calls.i hope i could always keep in touch with you guys.seriously..i really think i need more time on my pull myself together and get my brains back to work.

so people!! i'll be going 'balik kampung' tomorrow!! so wishing you all a safe journey home and 'balik kampung'.don't rush2.kampung tu tak lari.haha.and to all di perantauan..dont be sad.we will definitely ingat kat u guys.text us.msn us.ym us.we will be only a click away :) missing azzahraa,lelawati,nadia denise,shilalok!,and ahmad farhan very much!!u guys take care yah!!wishing you all a blessful Syawal! and HAVE FUN!!! :) much love xxx

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