Tuesday, October 02, 2007

finger crossed..wish me luck

weeee..i am happy today coz went out with azz!! ;) hehe.macam2 buat..running her errands.but sempat kuar like 2 hours je kutt :( since i hafta go out and find my baju kerja with my mom ;D but i had fun azz!!!borak2 is definitely like foreverrrrr..

anyways..bought loads of baju and pair of pants.coz dah ada pants.baju yang takde.hehe.and i love this one cute baju!!hehe.got small polka dots.i loikee!!!it's black with small purple polka dots okayyy..i loveee!! and i am so0 nervous for tomorrow ni.belum baca ape2.like revision or anything.but i'm gonna bring the book along to work boleh??;p hehe.masa break boleh baca.hehe.i hafta sleep now.if not sure liat nak bangun..so ok..wish me luck! finger crossed for the BIG day tomorrow... ;D much love xxx

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