Monday, October 01, 2007


alhamdulillahhh..kenyannggg..just got back from pizza with some ttdi's been 10 years!!ya Allah nasib baik panjang umur,boleh jumpa lagi.haha.although the were only five of us.but the place was gamat!!! we had a blastttt..i ate 3 pizzas!!hell0o laparnye erinnnnn?!! ;p there were iera,aysha!!!,nik,canaz and me!wahh sempat jugak jumpa canaz before she balik :) and the pizza was yummy2!!

pictures will be uploaded later.hehe.i totally forgot to bring my camera along because i had an interview earlier before the meeting.ingatkan sempat nak balik tukar baju semua.end up i sampai dengan baju keje if dah keje?padahal interview je ;D haishhh the interview supposed to be at 5pm.and i was quite late.but i managed to arrive on the dot!fewh..the funny thing is i drag all my family along to the my dad who's not good with the road,but turned out my lil bro plak yang tau the place.haha.s0o..i went there and waited for 45mins!! and barulah dat interviewer pun sampai.interview punya interview..till 6.15pm!! aiyooo..i janji with my ttdi frens dat i will meet them up at 6.15~6.30pm!!uppsss..s0o aroun 6.45pm..imagine : my parents,my adik is waiting for me.nak buka puasa dah tu!! barulah saya selesai interview!!nasib baik my parents dah booked place for berbuka :D sowieee..but the waiting is worth it.i got the JOB!!! yep.i am now VB programmer ;D thanks to nuwennn ur prayers is s0oo menjadi!!alhamudulillah.mama dont have to bising anymore ;p

s0o will be starting workingg........LUSA!!!huhuhu.yep.i only have ONE day left.which is tomorrow.and i promised azz to go shopping with her.weeee!! i can shopping too!! <3 i hafta cari baju kerja nih.haha.giler lambat baru nak now i'm realllllyyy sleepy and tired coz i stayed up last night to study ;D alhamdulillah it's worth it :) oh,and i did called kak farah..and i think she delivered her baby today.i hope the baby is ok.and it's a boy!! :) congrats kak farah and abg pian :) and i did tell her why i couldnt come to her house the other day.insyaAllah..raya nanti ye ;) wahh cepatnya Ramadhan berlalu..another 12 days to go.yoshhh..lets make full use of it.much love xxx

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