Wednesday, October 31, 2007

raya festive is still in the air

hey peeps!how u doin?i am superly fine and happy.haha.that's because of the anandamide inside my super duper delicious hersheys.had been eating chocs every single day and i'm sensing major fattening soon?hai meh?? :P hope so

how's your WHOLE month of syawal?the raya festive is still in the air i could smell.had been having these people coming every weekends and lucky them,mama seemed to cook extra for us and the people,just in case there's 'uninvited' people coming to our crib.but of course,most of them are just our cousins and family friends.but still,i love people coming for raya.its not like we could meet them on any given days.everyone seemed to be too busy or too busy making themselves busy.haha.anyways,last saturday,went to aji's open house with aysha and her fiancee.weee..dapat naik mazda 3..uuuhhh~!! :P and thanks aji.had a great chicken spagetti by izat and delicious teh tarik and jelly pudding too! :)

i looked so happily kenyanggg..haha..

the next day was a small makan2 for whoever people who came on sunday.haha.and it's my lil bro's first time to bring his so-called-famous girlfriend to our house.but i rather not make her feel like a princess la.but she seemed to be nice and humble i'm ok with it.haha.btw,i love ur shoes,emy ;p and oh,dear!!guess who came?? my twins!! sofia chang!! rindu giler minah ni.isogashi nak mati!! sebuk keje part time and as assistant pharmacist,you!hihi.

i wished aishah could come.rindu her too.but it's ok.we still live nearby anyways.ouh,earlier in the morning went out breakfast with nadz at santai.azz!!santai dah bukak balik,tau.its all renovated and tiled.hehe.wish u were here :( else than that..i'm just t0ooo tired to update s0o many pictures.i'm thinking of buying an external hard disk.i have t0oo many pictures!!thousands and thousands of them.haishh..maybe i should start doing scrapbooking like vivy.she is s0o creative.maybe i can make that as my favourite past time. ;) ok then.i'm up to something's a story of a gaijin.i think i'm gonna make it unprivate soon.but wait..i have to make sure my co writer is agree with me.hehe.ok peeps.i'm at work now.hafta stop.take care all.much love xxx

p/s: to people in malaysia,don't forget to watch KAMI tonight ;)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

i need a break

hey peeps!now i know why those people dah keje takde masa nak update! for's not like takde masa.i have ample of everyday surely main scrabulous!addictive okeeiii..i had always been a word games freak thanks to people yang rajin nak main ngan i.specially abg fariz and lia.hehe.and kak hana too!kak hana is super pro kut.nak main ngan dia pun takut.haha!but i just don't have the time to blog.ape nak cerita pun tak tau.but surely at times like these..rasa macam blog la tempat nak berceloteh..

harini hectic giler.tak tau back ached.and i had this like sadddd feeling.i think it just there just wait for the right time to trigger.hah!so this evening had a fight with papu.ape lagi.big girls don't cry konon.hoh.but i think its all the feelings yang peaked inside end up.the volcano bursted!but it's ok.i'm a forgiver.but i am not a person who gives up easily.even quarelling pun i nak menang.haha.demm!!but my bad la.both of us were not in the good mood.both were tired so end up.we're not talking to each other since 3hours ago??haishh..sorry papu.i love u!!huhuhu.oh hey~!! tomorrow is friday~! i can't wait till saturday coz i wanna meet nadz!! rinduuu..oh,speaking of nadz...

nadz came to my house last cooked laksa penang so i decided to invite nadz and mom to come and eat our laksa.although for like an hour.but the ending was funny went nadz mom suddenly went..shoe frenzy??hehe.u know what i meant nadz :D

nadz and me

so,went to few open houses last week.went to kak farah's house too! met lil iman,nasreen and lil new boy,aliff!!aweee..they are all adorable.cuteness!!and finally i get to see kak farah and abg pian.happy happy happy.

lil aliff

me and nasreen

me and kak farah

then i also went to iera's open was fun la.met old skool mate from ttdi?!!woww~!!it's like 10years ago kut tak! me and aysha ate A LOT!!haha.semua orang pun cakap.but takpe.badan kami comels je :P

okay then.have a nice weekends~! i hope i will.hehe.any open houses to go this weekends? tell me about that :P

btw,to nurul nadiah ibrahim..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUNCHKINS!! may Allah bless u always and may you have a great birthday bash.have fun dear!!love yah!!muahsss!!! xxx

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Monday, October 15, 2007

my raya was FUN!!

hey peeps!!selamat hari's such a festive season aint it?i feel s0oo festive :D just got back from kelantan.and yes.the trip and celebration in kelantan was super fun!!!!as usual :) and special thanks to pee and azz!!thanks for calling you guys!love yah!!hehe.s0oo..let the pictures do the talking! :)

raya eve

1 Syawal!!! :)

2nd Syawal :)

this hotel reminds me of KAMI !! ;)

3rd Syawal : going home

so i hope u all had a great hari raya!safe journey home and have a great holidays :) as for me,going off to work tomorrow.bummer!!dahla i'm the only malay who'll be working tomorrow.dayme!oh well,i can always play scrabulous.haha.scrabulous anyone? :p take care!much love xxx

p/s:this year tak tangkap gambar food during raya.takut kawan overseas drooling.haha.peace! v

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