Sunday, September 23, 2007

my entourage..

hey people!how was ur weekends?me,hmm as usual.EVERYDAY is my holiday!hehe.had been going in and out the clinic as i mentioned before..oh well!i am fine now.note that i am officially having a mild asthmatic.aiyark!i dunno when and how did it happen..but i think at least its not as bad any other serious disease,huh?so now kena bawak inhaler ke sana ke mari.but NO i don't like using it.i STILL don't think that i need it.but Allah knows best la rite?so mama told me to put away all my soft toys!sobsob.i miss my bedmates!lol.

but the rest of me.i am healthy healthy healthy! ;) i even went out with my lovely dearies!!

ealier in the afternoon (last wednesday).i went out with azz to watch jodie foster's "the brave one" was ok.and yes!very ganas!!18PL okeeii..but its kinda good coz the storyline takde pun yang bosan.we were like 'mengerekot' to each other.trying our best to hide from the screen whenever ada part yang very very hideous!takmooo!! but then it was A OK ;) so then we went for windowshopping while waiting for lela to come by and sleepover at azz',NO.i did not sleepover at azz's but we went out after me watching the 'KAMI'.hehe.yep.although sekejap.but it was fun.since lela's leaving for we just chill and hang out..

me and nadz :)

the londoners ;p


azz!! <3

nadz and me yang kusyuk mendengar :P

after rastaing till 12 sumting.we decided to head home.since nadz pun keje.and me s0o tired.nak kena bangun sahur plak.then they lepak at my house for loo :P hmm loo la sangat..end up taking photos la kann..well..lagipun lela dah nak balik (now she's still on the plane :P ) so we took pics and pics and pics :D

as usual my b.f.p <3

the chandelier babes :P

ok then we did like group memang funny nak mati.we did like over and over and over.but sure ada je muka yang terkeluar from frames.azz is the most!!ok this i like the 3rd attempt..

which is a bit OUT!

then we have another attempt..

which azz is totally OUT!haha

then another one.which is much better sket.but still something seems to be 'weird'. hmmm..

then i fed they took their own pictures :P

i think i better be out of the frame!lol

but then we never gave up u we tried and tried and tried..

nope!me too teleng.azz hilang??

nope AGAIN!me laughing! :P

aahhh..we're getting better!

yep!better ;) last group photo for the night!;)

then we have the ladies

the besties.she made the cookies for us!

the londoners leaving soon :"(

finally..thanks for coming.

have a nice weekend to all :) how was puasa so far? ;) much love xxx

p.s: to ahmad farhan..nak coklat sikit boleh? ;p

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