Thursday, September 20, 2007


hey peeps! whatcha been up to?me..hmm been going in and out the clinic like every single day kut.haishh..nope.the batuk is s0oo far beyond getting better.went to the mantoux test.alhamudillah.nothing NO.its not TB.huh!mintak jauhhh..oh last night my babes came to lepak with me at rasta.sorry u guys.hafta wait till i finished watching KAMI :P since lela and azz are going back to london lela came to damansara to meet us! but will update on it later ;) so anyways..have i ever told u guys that i am addicted to KAMI.yep even the babes came over to my house semalam kena tunggu i tengok KAMI sampai abes then only we went out!so..anyways..

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KAMI is the new series going on at 8tv and me loike loike!!hehe.ok its basically about friendship la kan.BUT the storyline is very very interesting.u should watch's on wednesday at 10pm! ;) so..there's ali,abu,sofie,lynn and adii.interesting names huh?well..its about how lynn is this 16yo smart ass have this KAMI fanzine ( note : fanzine (zine) is a collection of fan fiction, gathered by an editor or publisher, printed and distributed to fans ) which is a very interesting.and happened to be abu,ali and adii kinda love this fanzine and how this fanzine lead to friendship between abu and ali.ali and sofie.and abu with lynn.and the lists go basically i like the way it'd been delivered.very interesting shots and ever so cute 'sengal' face of ali..ooohhhh!!hehehe.he's cute la azz!NOT sengal :P so here are the casts :

from left : abu,lynn,ali,sofie,adii

comel kan ali?? :D so yep!enjoy KAMI ;) btw,if u happened to view my friendster.the song on in friendster is the theme song for KAMI.i looooveeee the songgg!!! <3

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