Friday, September 07, 2007

i'm not okay..but i have to! ;)

hey people..i think its been a while i'm away from my blog,huh.well just to let u know..i had been working part time as a substitute teacher in cheras.and now chegu erin is s0o back to her own world!! coz she is s0o done with school!! :D and for your information being a teacher is NOT that easy.sape kata senang?! cuba hang pi ajaq budak skola rendah yang sememangnye tak gheti ikut cakap tu~!! haaa..pi try pi try :P but was a good experience you know.i get to see these kids, ya Allah! they are totally different from what we are in those days.huh! i tell you! ;p dah pandai nyanyi2 sorang2 kat belakang..buat boy band la..tanya cikgu dah kawen ke belum la..even siap main surat2 cinta..DEPAN CIKGU okay~~!! i rasa nak tergelak pun ada..but it was fun la~! i buat tak layan je..coz i'm only i nak marah pun tak jadi..but in a's much much harder than working in the me ;) bukan senang nak jadi cikgu :) so dat was my 2 weeks experience working as a Bahasa Melayu teacher in skola rendah..sweett onee! ;)

so else than dat..just talked to azz in melbourne..nadz been busy..pee called and catching up :) ..and i am s0o meeting nuwen tomorrow~!!! weeee~!!! finally..i am letting go all the burdens on my shoulder and gonna kick some fun tomorrow.i really need it.i had been in this solitary for t0o long.haha!although my cough's getting a bit better but my ribcages are hurting me.i just had this bloody pain in my 'tulang rusuk' which is killing me and i really really need to stop coughing!!it happened because i cough a LOT like everyday and everynight!! so it became swollen.horror kan?!! mula2 i dapat this batuk was like 2 weeks ago.and at that time the batuk was just sikit2 je.but the problem became serious because i batuk tapi takleh nak kuarkan kahak i had this trouble of sleeping at night and breathing! i went to the doctor again last week! and told them i had been coughing for too they let me took the xray and gave me some medicines which can melten my now i'm getting better.the phlegms out! BUT..trouble is..bila nak batuk plak..harini my tulang rusuk sakit.sebab dah bengkak :( horror kan?!! tell me about that! and thanks kak mizz cayunk! i hope i'll get well soon before puasa.coz it will be really hard for me if tak sembuh by then!:(

so that's a yati..i still owe u your entry.i will try to make it..dah list dah..tak sempat azz and nadz..rindu please~!!! oh well..i'm not THAT ok..but i have to be strong!! sebab esok nak jumpa secret keeper!!! <3 (^0^)/~!! my tokyo family.thanks coz menjenguk skali skala ;) <33 hugs to arisa xxx

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