Thursday, September 27, 2007

how's puasa treating u? :)

salam to is the 15th day of Ramadhan.and has treating me just fine.alhamdulillah..baru 3 hari missed terawih.tu pun sebab2 tertentu la kan ;p so had been fair enough for me..the weather's fine and my gastric is not being too harsh on me.but lately..since i couldn't cough out my tummy seems to produce this asidic feeling in there such words??lol.oh well..i still can contain it though :) OMG,spoke to khadijah this morning.more like after sahur actually.its been agessss!!! she's like married for 4years with 2 lovely adorable kids!!eeeiii gerammm!! anak macam mat salleh okei!! (mak pun dah mat salleh nak buat camne ;p ) lucky her! all happyily married with a great family.she's now in kajang which is like at the other end of KL la kannn..macam mana laa nak jumpa??!oh,speaking of kajang.i remembered kak farah,in bangi..

kak farah,an old friend in japan when i first met now staying in malaysia for good.having 2 kids and a baby is on the way,and a lovely husband in bangi.she invited me to berbuka puasa with them today.or was it jana told me that rashid told her to invite all the koku clans to go berbuka puasa at kak farah's house before her due.but the thing is..bangi is like s0o farrrr..and to berbuka puasa is like t0oo far kut?or was it because the timing isnt right? i hafta passed this time.this is like the second time.i hafta turn down her invitations.i feel bad.but maybe the timing is just not right..kut.i mean..if i'm in upm.possibilties is that i will go and have my great time there.especially with my lil iman s0o cute and irresistable.but since i've graduated and my life in upm is s0o life is totally parted from the other life in bangi or even i have to like think over and over and over to decide whether to go or not.its not like i have a car its Ramadhan.macam complicated ek? oh well,i hope she least.maybe i will go and visit her and her baby on hari raya instead :( sure the koku clans think that i'm always with NOT trying to get connected and keeping in touch.but the fact is..maybe things would be easier if i'm THERE,kan? should i feel bad?? :(

oh well..i hope kak farah & family don't mom's a bit pissed off whenever i mentioned her name.i wonder why..anyways..else than that.i'm planning to berbuka puasa with my old primary school friends.isn't it like agessss!! but prolly planning to do in pizza hut@ ttdi.since canaz's leaving soon.i hope i could get her into this.if she's reading this ;p and i wanna meet aysha like agesss kut.and iera!gosh!ni lagi agess kutt!!since after standard 6!!lol.oh well,just a plan.jadi ke tak lain cerita :P oh,selamat berbuka puasa.dan semoga dapat memperbanyakkan ibadah kepadaNya.much love xoxo

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