Monday, September 10, 2007

how i just i love her!

hey ho!!i had a blast itu sabtu!! usual..wat is muchos fun than going out with my chunkie!!ARRGHHHH!! how i just looooveeee herrr!! :D she came all the way from perak to ttdi!!how sweeeettt is dat?!!huhu.even more,she brought me itu baju kegemaran!!arghhhh!!! double triple scream!! ;p

so i went and fetch her at taman bahagia.and she came with funky farez!! so zooomm we went to ou.tolak tepi sakit perut saya...we had like double triple craziness when we were at the topman..suddenly we heard this crowd "wooooooo"-ing the stage.and i was with farez like "eh ape tuh??".. turned out! it was my favourite band!!! OAG!! saya suke!!!! we went like singing to alllll their songsss!! peminat kipas mati kata!! we recorded like every songs.KEBETULAN i bawak my camera!! ape lagi..terjun escalator nak amek itu autograp la~!! seronottt!! as soon as we sampai the stage..the crowd was lining up and guess what?!! they had this quiz and whoever wins will get free cd!! and cuba teka apa saya buat?!! haaaaa..betullll!! saya naik itu stage ooo!! woooott wooott!! and i answered i got this!! autographed babe!! ;)

how lucky is dat?!! so we pun beratur la..untuk mendapatkan autograp mereka ;D

ini oag!! <3

sabar menunggu ;)

tengah tunggu itu turn ;)

nuwen suda busan ke? ;p

turn kami!! weee~!! v

itu radhi sangat cumel kan?! :*

we rock kann?!! nuwen wocks aaa!!

so then we went to makan2!!! perut suda lapar weeee~!!! suddenly i feel like eating mac and cheese and nuwen wants to eat itu we went to kenny rogers roasters..and there,the craziness happened!!muahahahahaha

menunggu itu makan (^_-)v

haha.sila poyo~!!

aksi meditasi farez dan nuwen mengganggu ;p

haha.gelakkan diri sendiri

okei yang ni aku gelak ;p

model jam ke hape? :P

then when the food akhirnya sampai we ate like piranha la kan..hehe but we had a great time..sebab kat tepi kenny rogers tu ada swimming we cuci mata sket ;p then after that we went jalan2 in ou and nuwen bought tshirt at topman for her taichunk! s0o lucky to have nuwen tauu!! and itu farez juge ;) but both taken.hehe

so by then its already 5 and we hafta leave..sobsob.we went back to my house for some pictures before they gone back

nuwen suda penat

hehe.dua2 pun dah penat ;p

chunkies tired ;p

good friends had fun? :)

sending these two off.i hate goodbyes :'(

but anyways,we had fun!!farez is superfunny and oag is just super rocking band!! i just love hanging out with nuwen!! she is superrrrrr fun!!haishh..jom jumpa lagi next week..pleaseeeee... :-s oh job interview tomorrow.wish me luck ;) nites!

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