Monday, September 17, 2007

hey ho! so far so good..?

hey peeps.been too tired to update over the was ramadhan? so far so good..? mine,alhamdulillah..the weather is really helping doesnt make me feel too tired or too thristy.but guess what i did on weekends la?hehe.

my teacher and his wife came all the way from Japan to visit Malaysia.wahh!!that's what i've been doing lately.brushing up my rusted japanese in the closet! ;p huh! ape lagi?bukak la kotak buku masa kat jepun dulu.bawak keluar segala jenis buku.tapi tak baca pun :D hehe.end up the night before meeting my teacher the next day barula kelam kabut baca balik all the vocabs and grammars.hehehehe.lawak je.mama tanya "buat apa tido lambat ni?" i selamba je jawab "baca buku.." huhu!itu sudah bagus ;p oh well..talking about bringing the japs to jalan-jalan cari makan.haiyoo~!! definitely remind me of 'us' walking in japan here and there.woah!! doing THAT in Malaysia is a WEIRD scene for a local.hehe.soo..

met my teacher at his hotel, hotel istana as early as 12pm coz he was from the airport all the way from langkawi.standard aa..pulau yang paling glamer.hehe.so0 we started our so called tour with MENARA KUALA,it was my first time too! arigatou sensei ;) one thing about the japs.they likeeee to belanja people.u bawak derang jalan ke,derang bawak u jalan ke..memang derang akan bayarkan.s0o nice kann? so off we jalan2 in bukit nanas and NO it is not dekat ok.i was all sweating and yes,dying of thirst.aiyark!but yoshh!!ku tabahkan juga kaki menapak dari hotel istana ke menara kl.alhamdulillah..sampai juge ;D so the menara was ok-lah.hehe.for RM20,u get to see the whole Kuala Lumpur and i could se TTDI babe!! hoh! it was worth it!! after the menara..we went to more adventure.imagine this : its freaking hot, i'm fasting and walking in my wedges, from kl tower to bukit nanas station is NOT a good idea! but i guess..i lost some pounds.haha!

so next stop is the PASAR SENI.weee~!! we had a l0oonggg walk okei.yes.kami hanya berjalan dan menaiki train.NO TAXI please!! so at the central market..they were s0o is very an interesting place.a must go place for tourists.i introduced them the OLD TOWN restaurant.recommended by fiza ;) thanks fizz! they love it too!! the white coffee of course! haishh buat terliur aku je ;p so after their meal.barula bertenaga jalan sana sini! they went to see all the handcrafts and NO not buying any of it.haha.tengok2 je.but then..i introduced to them 'kuih muih melayu'.weee~!! lucky it was Ramadhan which is the month where all the exotic biskut raya and crackers yang pelik2 came to the view.hehe.i introduced them the biskut kelapa.hoh!rembat 3~~ hehe.then the dodol and the popia simpul itu and some kerepek beraneka teacher and his wife end up saying "kore mo oishi.zenbu mo oishi yo ne" hehehe.aku tergelak je tengok! ;p *translation : "yang ni pun sedap.yang tu pun sedap.semua sedap!" memang betul!makanan kami memang sedap2 ;D so after the biscuits and kerepek we go to masjid jamek.saje..nak bawak derang tengok sket masjid.hehe.the actual plan was to go to national mosque but it was raining.lagipun derang bukannye boleh masuk off to masjid jamek a.k.a masjid india

hoh! here, they end up went "ooh aah" ing because the loveeee market2 macam masjid india ni.hehe.his wife end up buying two scarves!yes.she said she likes to see my scarf and very very interested in having i insisted her and made her bought the "satu rm10,dua rm18" was pretty on her we went for more jalan2 and by then it was almost 5 and i have to head home.they had a great day and i insisted them to do more jalan-jalan at night at the Bukit Bintang,China Town and Petaling Street.and they did ;) they told me the place was s0o "lively" at night but a little bit too crowded and "scarry".hehe.well, WELCOME TO MALAYSIA ;)
-end of day one-

ini menara kl :D

ishizuka san :)

dua orang jepun sesat? :D

pasar seni desu

aa..finally me =D

bawak naik monorail ;)

gaido san yang sangat kurus ;p

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