Thursday, September 13, 2007

saya mahu jadi kaya raya~!! >:)

haha.giler kejam tajuk?!hehe.oh well.i think for the time matlamat is to get rich!wahahahahaha..this is s0o funny.but i started to think of weird thoughts and very very NOT good lagi keinginan ni.since my 'fren' sorang tu dapat kereta baru! cis!! memang jealous nak mati!muahahahaha.*pis canaz* but no..of coz i am not THAT materialistic.but i think these medications made me a bit 'weng' lately.haha.

to start with..spoke to mom the other day : "hmmm..mama ada kenal tak anak sapa2 yang doctor?hmm..saya nak kawen ngan doctor la.tak pun lawyer ke..?" hahaha.giler ke hape aku masa tu?!! series takde otak berpikir cakapppp je.turned mom went like "ada!" hoh! amek ko! i went tersengih like kerang busuk la kan.but anyway,it was just one morning when i was just feeling cheeky ;p but seriously..lately asyik dalam otak was racing with "hmmm camne aku nak jadi kaya?" "hmmm..agak2 ada tak orang kaya nak kawen ngan aku?" "hmmm..tak pun ade tak orang nak kat aku??" WTH?!! hahaha.bila ingat balik.sure i went like smiling to myself.pinching myself back to reality from my 'la-la land'.definitely those drugs! i had been s0oo drowsy and tooo many weird fantasies.i need my feet back on the ground? =D

so berbalik kepada tajuk..(heh!) what makes a person happy sebenarnya? good friends? rich and famous? happy family? pakwe yang hensem lagi kaya raya? (haha giler materialistic) or good food? (what the heck?) or just getting what they want in life? hmm..for me..i think, my life is just at its beginning..where i have to kick myself up to where all those successful people are.bukan bila interview orang tanya sikit..dah mula menggelabah..and went like "urmm..i do remember it.but i don't remember it now?" aduihhh ape kehal??so that's why i wanna be kaya raya.BUT when i get all i want in my life with my own hands..kan?baru best..and THAT makes me happy ;)

ps:how's ur first puasa?i berbuka with mom's ayam percik.yum2 ;)

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