Tuesday, September 18, 2007

day two and its really 'hair-pening'..haishh..

second day started at 11 ;) meeting sensei at klcc.he said he wanted to go up the twin tower.however,as soon as i arrived there.he told me,they couldn't make it earlier in the morning since the wife was too tired.so we end up jalan2 in KLCC to take few shots ;)


well since sensei wanted to head to chowkit..so we just took few pictures at the klcc and off we go to chow kit road.the funny thing is that.my sensei asked me if it's ok with me if we walked to chow kit road all the way from klcc.urm for me it's ok..but JAUHHH tuu!!!200metres!!hahaha.i dont mind the walking.but i'm afraid of getting lost!haha.buat malu je.orang KL tapi tak tau jalan kat KL.hello??! mane ada orang KL JALAN kat kl..by foot!!hoh! maka yasuko san pun menjadi gaido san kami!hehe.gaido is guide in japanese.these japanese ppl are really good,trust me! they have KL maps in japanese and it's damn precise than KL's map itself.lol.so end up,THEY took me too the chow kit road.using the map!! giler gempak okay!!and guess what la kan?!! without getting lost!! syabasss!! ;p

us at the chowkit station

michiyoshi and yasuko ishizuka san

so in chow kit we went to the pasar tani and sensei was really really enjoying his trip to chow kit.he loves to cook so looking at the spices and weird herbs made him thrilled! ;) he bought some urm..halwa and urm halwa?! hahaha.i don't know the names pleaseee!! it has really really weird names.either english or malay.i can't stop laughing at the stall coz i was out of words to explain it to him.but he bought it anyway.murah katanya ;) so we went for some baju kurung and baju melayu window shopping and yep.the call the baju kurung " a long blouse and skirt" haha.very cute!
so after the chow kit road~!! chow kit road~!! we headed to eye on malaysia! ;)

kanransha desu ;)

bunka no shiro desu.haha..direct translation ;p

gaido san ;)

cumil kan? :p

michi sensei

so the trip to eye on malaysia was good.i mean..i've been there for the third time so it was ok ;) so a bit of jalan2 and tourist photoshots.we decided to head to putrajaya where we planned to meet jana there.but oh well..this where the 'hair-pening' part happened.shaitt!we were taking the monorail to kl sentral to get the erl..long story short.we were passing thru the small bazaar connected from the monorail to the kl sentral.so as soon as we arrived the kl sentral.i let my teacher to have a quick meal while i headed for solat.but guess what? after my solat..i went to meet them and they were in shocked! and i was like.."what happened??" they told me that my teacher lost his passport!aiyyyooo..i went like.erk?! what the heck?!! malu tu toksah cite la.i mean..the passport kena curik okkaayy and dahla masa i yang bawak derang jalan2 haishh..it's all because the short walk passed the bazaar ni!! banyak giler mamat2 bangla and indons la kan.haihh..benda nak jadi plak tu!so we tak jadi pegi putrajaya.since my teacher was scheduled to fly back to japan that night.i was speechless..i pun tak tau nak buat ape la kann?!!soo..my teacher could not go back to japan that night.his wife kena balik sorang2 sebab tiket dah beli..

so we decided to head back to hotel istana.by then it's already 4 sumting and we did some phonecalls with the EVER SO LEMBAP operator.plus,it's sunday.so visa,passport or anything couldnt be done on time.leceh sket.i could see my teacher was s0o pissed off!!haiyooo..kesian giler!but bawak bersabar je la kan.so we decided to call the tour agent and they seemed to handle things easier than the so called 5 stars hotel istana.haishh..yokatta! fewh~!! so after settling few bills and phonecalls..i decided to head home and my teacher hafta to get his photos and everything done.so i left it all to the EVER RELIABLE tour guide ;) hontouni arigatou!! so that was my weekends.interesting and yes,quite embarrasing as a malaysian.but what to do.it's not us to be blamed right? maybe he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.huhuhu.

alhamdulillah..my teacher had called me yesterday and confirmed to me that he's ok.he could go back to japan last night.and he settled everything at the immigration and his wife has arrived safely in japan.alhamdulillah.it wasn't a bad weekends after all.hehe.how about you? ;)

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