Thursday, September 27, 2007

how's puasa treating u? :)

salam to is the 15th day of Ramadhan.and has treating me just fine.alhamdulillah..baru 3 hari missed terawih.tu pun sebab2 tertentu la kan ;p so had been fair enough for me..the weather's fine and my gastric is not being too harsh on me.but lately..since i couldn't cough out my tummy seems to produce this asidic feeling in there such words??lol.oh well..i still can contain it though :) OMG,spoke to khadijah this morning.more like after sahur actually.its been agessss!!! she's like married for 4years with 2 lovely adorable kids!!eeeiii gerammm!! anak macam mat salleh okei!! (mak pun dah mat salleh nak buat camne ;p ) lucky her! all happyily married with a great family.she's now in kajang which is like at the other end of KL la kannn..macam mana laa nak jumpa??!oh,speaking of kajang.i remembered kak farah,in bangi..

kak farah,an old friend in japan when i first met now staying in malaysia for good.having 2 kids and a baby is on the way,and a lovely husband in bangi.she invited me to berbuka puasa with them today.or was it jana told me that rashid told her to invite all the koku clans to go berbuka puasa at kak farah's house before her due.but the thing is..bangi is like s0o farrrr..and to berbuka puasa is like t0oo far kut?or was it because the timing isnt right? i hafta passed this time.this is like the second time.i hafta turn down her invitations.i feel bad.but maybe the timing is just not right..kut.i mean..if i'm in upm.possibilties is that i will go and have my great time there.especially with my lil iman s0o cute and irresistable.but since i've graduated and my life in upm is s0o life is totally parted from the other life in bangi or even i have to like think over and over and over to decide whether to go or not.its not like i have a car its Ramadhan.macam complicated ek? oh well,i hope she least.maybe i will go and visit her and her baby on hari raya instead :( sure the koku clans think that i'm always with NOT trying to get connected and keeping in touch.but the fact is..maybe things would be easier if i'm THERE,kan? should i feel bad?? :(

oh well..i hope kak farah & family don't mom's a bit pissed off whenever i mentioned her name.i wonder why..anyways..else than that.i'm planning to berbuka puasa with my old primary school friends.isn't it like agessss!! but prolly planning to do in pizza hut@ ttdi.since canaz's leaving soon.i hope i could get her into this.if she's reading this ;p and i wanna meet aysha like agesss kut.and iera!gosh!ni lagi agess kutt!!since after standard 6!!lol.oh well,just a plan.jadi ke tak lain cerita :P oh,selamat berbuka puasa.dan semoga dapat memperbanyakkan ibadah kepadaNya.much love xoxo

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

my entourage..

hey people!how was ur weekends?me,hmm as usual.EVERYDAY is my holiday!hehe.had been going in and out the clinic as i mentioned before..oh well!i am fine now.note that i am officially having a mild asthmatic.aiyark!i dunno when and how did it happen..but i think at least its not as bad any other serious disease,huh?so now kena bawak inhaler ke sana ke mari.but NO i don't like using it.i STILL don't think that i need it.but Allah knows best la rite?so mama told me to put away all my soft toys!sobsob.i miss my bedmates!lol.

but the rest of me.i am healthy healthy healthy! ;) i even went out with my lovely dearies!!

ealier in the afternoon (last wednesday).i went out with azz to watch jodie foster's "the brave one" was ok.and yes!very ganas!!18PL okeeii..but its kinda good coz the storyline takde pun yang bosan.we were like 'mengerekot' to each other.trying our best to hide from the screen whenever ada part yang very very hideous!takmooo!! but then it was A OK ;) so then we went for windowshopping while waiting for lela to come by and sleepover at azz',NO.i did not sleepover at azz's but we went out after me watching the 'KAMI'.hehe.yep.although sekejap.but it was fun.since lela's leaving for we just chill and hang out..

me and nadz :)

the londoners ;p


azz!! <3

nadz and me yang kusyuk mendengar :P

after rastaing till 12 sumting.we decided to head home.since nadz pun keje.and me s0o tired.nak kena bangun sahur plak.then they lepak at my house for loo :P hmm loo la sangat..end up taking photos la kann..well..lagipun lela dah nak balik (now she's still on the plane :P ) so we took pics and pics and pics :D

as usual my b.f.p <3

the chandelier babes :P

ok then we did like group memang funny nak mati.we did like over and over and over.but sure ada je muka yang terkeluar from frames.azz is the most!!ok this i like the 3rd attempt..

which is a bit OUT!

then we have another attempt..

which azz is totally OUT!haha

then another one.which is much better sket.but still something seems to be 'weird'. hmmm..

then i fed they took their own pictures :P

i think i better be out of the frame!lol

but then we never gave up u we tried and tried and tried..

nope!me too teleng.azz hilang??

nope AGAIN!me laughing! :P

aahhh..we're getting better!

yep!better ;) last group photo for the night!;)

then we have the ladies

the besties.she made the cookies for us!

the londoners leaving soon :"(

finally..thanks for coming.

have a nice weekend to all :) how was puasa so far? ;) much love xxx

p.s: to ahmad farhan..nak coklat sikit boleh? ;p

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


hey peeps! whatcha been up to?me..hmm been going in and out the clinic like every single day kut.haishh..nope.the batuk is s0oo far beyond getting better.went to the mantoux test.alhamudillah.nothing NO.its not TB.huh!mintak jauhhh..oh last night my babes came to lepak with me at rasta.sorry u guys.hafta wait till i finished watching KAMI :P since lela and azz are going back to london lela came to damansara to meet us! but will update on it later ;) so anyways..have i ever told u guys that i am addicted to KAMI.yep even the babes came over to my house semalam kena tunggu i tengok KAMI sampai abes then only we went out!so..anyways..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

KAMI is the new series going on at 8tv and me loike loike!!hehe.ok its basically about friendship la kan.BUT the storyline is very very interesting.u should watch's on wednesday at 10pm! ;) so..there's ali,abu,sofie,lynn and adii.interesting names huh?well..its about how lynn is this 16yo smart ass have this KAMI fanzine ( note : fanzine (zine) is a collection of fan fiction, gathered by an editor or publisher, printed and distributed to fans ) which is a very interesting.and happened to be abu,ali and adii kinda love this fanzine and how this fanzine lead to friendship between abu and ali.ali and sofie.and abu with lynn.and the lists go basically i like the way it'd been delivered.very interesting shots and ever so cute 'sengal' face of ali..ooohhhh!!hehehe.he's cute la azz!NOT sengal :P so here are the casts :

from left : abu,lynn,ali,sofie,adii

comel kan ali?? :D so yep!enjoy KAMI ;) btw,if u happened to view my friendster.the song on in friendster is the theme song for KAMI.i looooveeee the songgg!!! <3

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

day two and its really 'hair-pening'..haishh..

second day started at 11 ;) meeting sensei at klcc.he said he wanted to go up the twin tower.however,as soon as i arrived there.he told me,they couldn't make it earlier in the morning since the wife was too we end up jalan2 in KLCC to take few shots ;)


well since sensei wanted to head to we just took few pictures at the klcc and off we go to chow kit road.the funny thing is sensei asked me if it's ok with me if we walked to chow kit road all the way from klcc.urm for me it's ok..but JAUHHH tuu!!!200metres!!hahaha.i dont mind the walking.but i'm afraid of getting lost!haha.buat malu je.orang KL tapi tak tau jalan kat KL.hello??! mane ada orang KL JALAN kat foot!!hoh! maka yasuko san pun menjadi gaido san kami!hehe.gaido is guide in japanese.these japanese ppl are really good,trust me! they have KL maps in japanese and it's damn precise than KL's map end up,THEY took me too the chow kit road.using the map!! giler gempak okay!!and guess what la kan?!! without getting lost!! syabasss!! ;p

us at the chowkit station

michiyoshi and yasuko ishizuka san

so in chow kit we went to the pasar tani and sensei was really really enjoying his trip to chow kit.he loves to cook so looking at the spices and weird herbs made him thrilled! ;) he bought some urm..halwa and urm halwa?! hahaha.i don't know the names pleaseee!! it has really really weird names.either english or malay.i can't stop laughing at the stall coz i was out of words to explain it to him.but he bought it anyway.murah katanya ;) so we went for some baju kurung and baju melayu window shopping and yep.the call the baju kurung " a long blouse and skirt" haha.very cute!
so after the chow kit road~!! chow kit road~!! we headed to eye on malaysia! ;)

kanransha desu ;)

bunka no shiro translation ;p

gaido san ;)

cumil kan? :p

michi sensei

so the trip to eye on malaysia was good.i mean..i've been there for the third time so it was ok ;) so a bit of jalan2 and tourist photoshots.we decided to head to putrajaya where we planned to meet jana there.but oh well..this where the 'hair-pening' part happened.shaitt!we were taking the monorail to kl sentral to get the erl..long story short.we were passing thru the small bazaar connected from the monorail to the kl as soon as we arrived the kl sentral.i let my teacher to have a quick meal while i headed for solat.but guess what? after my solat..i went to meet them and they were in shocked! and i was like.."what happened??" they told me that my teacher lost his passport!aiyyyooo..i went like.erk?! what the heck?!! malu tu toksah cite la.i mean..the passport kena curik okkaayy and dahla masa i yang bawak derang jalan2's all because the short walk passed the bazaar ni!! banyak giler mamat2 bangla and indons la kan.haihh..benda nak jadi plak tu!so we tak jadi pegi putrajaya.since my teacher was scheduled to fly back to japan that night.i was speechless..i pun tak tau nak buat ape la kann?!! teacher could not go back to japan that night.his wife kena balik sorang2 sebab tiket dah beli..

so we decided to head back to hotel then it's already 4 sumting and we did some phonecalls with the EVER SO LEMBAP,it's visa,passport or anything couldnt be done on time.leceh sket.i could see my teacher was s0o pissed off!!haiyooo..kesian giler!but bawak bersabar je la we decided to call the tour agent and they seemed to handle things easier than the so called 5 stars hotel istana.haishh..yokatta! fewh~!! so after settling few bills and phonecalls..i decided to head home and my teacher hafta to get his photos and everything i left it all to the EVER RELIABLE tour guide ;) hontouni arigatou!! so that was my weekends.interesting and yes,quite embarrasing as a malaysian.but what to's not us to be blamed right? maybe he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.huhuhu. teacher had called me yesterday and confirmed to me that he's ok.he could go back to japan last night.and he settled everything at the immigration and his wife has arrived safely in wasn't a bad weekends after about you? ;)

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Monday, September 17, 2007

hey ho! so far so good..?

hey peeps.been too tired to update over the was ramadhan? so far so good..? mine,alhamdulillah..the weather is really helping doesnt make me feel too tired or too thristy.but guess what i did on weekends la?hehe.

my teacher and his wife came all the way from Japan to visit Malaysia.wahh!!that's what i've been doing lately.brushing up my rusted japanese in the closet! ;p huh! ape lagi?bukak la kotak buku masa kat jepun dulu.bawak keluar segala jenis buku.tapi tak baca pun :D hehe.end up the night before meeting my teacher the next day barula kelam kabut baca balik all the vocabs and grammars.hehehehe.lawak je.mama tanya "buat apa tido lambat ni?" i selamba je jawab "baca buku.." huhu!itu sudah bagus ;p oh well..talking about bringing the japs to jalan-jalan cari makan.haiyoo~!! definitely remind me of 'us' walking in japan here and there.woah!! doing THAT in Malaysia is a WEIRD scene for a local.hehe.soo..

met my teacher at his hotel, hotel istana as early as 12pm coz he was from the airport all the way from langkawi.standard aa..pulau yang paling glamer.hehe.so0 we started our so called tour with MENARA KUALA,it was my first time too! arigatou sensei ;) one thing about the japs.they likeeee to belanja people.u bawak derang jalan ke,derang bawak u jalan ke..memang derang akan bayarkan.s0o nice kann? so off we jalan2 in bukit nanas and NO it is not dekat ok.i was all sweating and yes,dying of thirst.aiyark!but yoshh!!ku tabahkan juga kaki menapak dari hotel istana ke menara kl.alhamdulillah..sampai juge ;D so the menara was ok-lah.hehe.for RM20,u get to see the whole Kuala Lumpur and i could se TTDI babe!! hoh! it was worth it!! after the menara..we went to more adventure.imagine this : its freaking hot, i'm fasting and walking in my wedges, from kl tower to bukit nanas station is NOT a good idea! but i guess..i lost some pounds.haha!

so next stop is the PASAR SENI.weee~!! we had a l0oonggg walk okei.yes.kami hanya berjalan dan menaiki train.NO TAXI please!! so at the central market..they were s0o is very an interesting place.a must go place for tourists.i introduced them the OLD TOWN restaurant.recommended by fiza ;) thanks fizz! they love it too!! the white coffee of course! haishh buat terliur aku je ;p so after their meal.barula bertenaga jalan sana sini! they went to see all the handcrafts and NO not buying any of it.haha.tengok2 je.but then..i introduced to them 'kuih muih melayu'.weee~!! lucky it was Ramadhan which is the month where all the exotic biskut raya and crackers yang pelik2 came to the view.hehe.i introduced them the biskut kelapa.hoh!rembat 3~~ hehe.then the dodol and the popia simpul itu and some kerepek beraneka teacher and his wife end up saying "kore mo oishi.zenbu mo oishi yo ne" hehehe.aku tergelak je tengok! ;p *translation : "yang ni pun sedap.yang tu pun sedap.semua sedap!" memang betul!makanan kami memang sedap2 ;D so after the biscuits and kerepek we go to masjid jamek.saje..nak bawak derang tengok sket masjid.hehe.the actual plan was to go to national mosque but it was raining.lagipun derang bukannye boleh masuk off to masjid jamek a.k.a masjid india

hoh! here, they end up went "ooh aah" ing because the loveeee market2 macam masjid india ni.hehe.his wife end up buying two scarves!yes.she said she likes to see my scarf and very very interested in having i insisted her and made her bought the "satu rm10,dua rm18" was pretty on her we went for more jalan2 and by then it was almost 5 and i have to head home.they had a great day and i insisted them to do more jalan-jalan at night at the Bukit Bintang,China Town and Petaling Street.and they did ;) they told me the place was s0o "lively" at night but a little bit too crowded and "scarry".hehe.well, WELCOME TO MALAYSIA ;)
-end of day one-

ini menara kl :D

ishizuka san :)

dua orang jepun sesat? :D

pasar seni desu

aa..finally me =D

bawak naik monorail ;)

gaido san yang sangat kurus ;p

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

saya mahu jadi kaya raya~!! >:)

haha.giler kejam tajuk?!hehe.oh well.i think for the time matlamat is to get rich!wahahahahaha..this is s0o funny.but i started to think of weird thoughts and very very NOT good lagi keinginan ni.since my 'fren' sorang tu dapat kereta baru! cis!! memang jealous nak mati!muahahahaha.*pis canaz* but no..of coz i am not THAT materialistic.but i think these medications made me a bit 'weng' lately.haha.

to start with..spoke to mom the other day : "hmmm..mama ada kenal tak anak sapa2 yang doctor?hmm..saya nak kawen ngan doctor la.tak pun lawyer ke..?" hahaha.giler ke hape aku masa tu?!! series takde otak berpikir cakapppp je.turned mom went like "ada!" hoh! amek ko! i went tersengih like kerang busuk la kan.but anyway,it was just one morning when i was just feeling cheeky ;p but seriously..lately asyik dalam otak was racing with "hmmm camne aku nak jadi kaya?" "hmmm..agak2 ada tak orang kaya nak kawen ngan aku?" "hmmm..tak pun ade tak orang nak kat aku??" WTH?!! hahaha.bila ingat balik.sure i went like smiling to myself.pinching myself back to reality from my 'la-la land'.definitely those drugs! i had been s0oo drowsy and tooo many weird fantasies.i need my feet back on the ground? =D

so berbalik kepada tajuk..(heh!) what makes a person happy sebenarnya? good friends? rich and famous? happy family? pakwe yang hensem lagi kaya raya? (haha giler materialistic) or good food? (what the heck?) or just getting what they want in life? hmm..for me..i think, my life is just at its beginning..where i have to kick myself up to where all those successful people are.bukan bila interview orang tanya sikit..dah mula menggelabah..and went like "urmm..i do remember it.but i don't remember it now?" aduihhh ape kehal??so that's why i wanna be kaya raya.BUT when i get all i want in my life with my own hands..kan?baru best..and THAT makes me happy ;)

ps:how's ur first puasa?i berbuka with mom's ayam percik.yum2 ;)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

..selamat menyambut Ramadhan al Mubarak ;o) ..

hey peeps!!Ramadhan has finally crawling in..and i am s0o missing my friends in uni and my dear azz who tak reti balik cepat2 ;p but sempat jumpa dar and canaz semalam!nasib baik before puasa.we lepak @ rasta and i ate 2 waffles okei~!! sedappp~!! and tetiba rasa mengidam kut.muehehe..and we had good chat..and tak abes2 menyakat canaz on her new ride! aiyooo~!! i really wanna be ur adik la macam ni..hehe.urm rumah sebelah u ada orang x? besides ardzi enough said,u'r one lucky girl la~!! ;) i nak jadi anak kesayangan abah juge?? ;p

s0o..tomorrow is the holy month of Ramadhan..wishing all my friends..a blessful Ramadhan and may Allah bless all of you and selamat mengerjakan ibadah puasa.insyaAllah.and sorry for all my wrong doings.sama2 la kita,0-0 =) to nuwen..why am i missing u?? *sigh*

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Monday, September 10, 2007

how i just i love her!

hey ho!!i had a blast itu sabtu!! usual..wat is muchos fun than going out with my chunkie!!ARRGHHHH!! how i just looooveeee herrr!! :D she came all the way from perak to ttdi!!how sweeeettt is dat?!!huhu.even more,she brought me itu baju kegemaran!!arghhhh!!! double triple scream!! ;p

so i went and fetch her at taman bahagia.and she came with funky farez!! so zooomm we went to ou.tolak tepi sakit perut saya...we had like double triple craziness when we were at the topman..suddenly we heard this crowd "wooooooo"-ing the stage.and i was with farez like "eh ape tuh??".. turned out! it was my favourite band!!! OAG!! saya suke!!!! we went like singing to alllll their songsss!! peminat kipas mati kata!! we recorded like every songs.KEBETULAN i bawak my camera!! ape lagi..terjun escalator nak amek itu autograp la~!! seronottt!! as soon as we sampai the stage..the crowd was lining up and guess what?!! they had this quiz and whoever wins will get free cd!! and cuba teka apa saya buat?!! haaaaa..betullll!! saya naik itu stage ooo!! woooott wooott!! and i answered i got this!! autographed babe!! ;)

how lucky is dat?!! so we pun beratur la..untuk mendapatkan autograp mereka ;D

ini oag!! <3

sabar menunggu ;)

tengah tunggu itu turn ;)

nuwen suda busan ke? ;p

turn kami!! weee~!! v

itu radhi sangat cumel kan?! :*

we rock kann?!! nuwen wocks aaa!!

so then we went to makan2!!! perut suda lapar weeee~!!! suddenly i feel like eating mac and cheese and nuwen wants to eat itu we went to kenny rogers roasters..and there,the craziness happened!!muahahahahaha

menunggu itu makan (^_-)v

haha.sila poyo~!!

aksi meditasi farez dan nuwen mengganggu ;p

haha.gelakkan diri sendiri

okei yang ni aku gelak ;p

model jam ke hape? :P

then when the food akhirnya sampai we ate like piranha la kan..hehe but we had a great time..sebab kat tepi kenny rogers tu ada swimming we cuci mata sket ;p then after that we went jalan2 in ou and nuwen bought tshirt at topman for her taichunk! s0o lucky to have nuwen tauu!! and itu farez juge ;) but both taken.hehe

so by then its already 5 and we hafta leave..sobsob.we went back to my house for some pictures before they gone back

nuwen suda penat

hehe.dua2 pun dah penat ;p

chunkies tired ;p

good friends had fun? :)

sending these two off.i hate goodbyes :'(

but anyways,we had fun!!farez is superfunny and oag is just super rocking band!! i just love hanging out with nuwen!! she is superrrrrr fun!!haishh..jom jumpa lagi next week..pleaseeeee... :-s oh job interview tomorrow.wish me luck ;) nites!

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