Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the words are finally out!

hey peeps!!!wowww!!! WHAT A DAY!! i mean like it had been 4 days now.and i am telling you guys..haha! (this is funny) i am working part time as cikgu sementara in primary school in cheras.my sister in law insist me to do so.so what the heck right? the pay was okei.i could get good money although i substitued this teacher for a month.plus i don't have anything to do at home ;p so yep! now erin is cikgu zaireen for a month! ;D

and then..after the 'hari yang membingungkan' the words are finally out..that i can graduate!!! yippiee!! i was worried sick! but alhamdulillah..i had received the convocation letter and insyaAllah..i will be graduating on the 25th of August 2007 :) and to those girls yang i dah ajak..DO come..i bet its gonna be really meaningful for me!!so gonna c u girls ok ;)

talking about girls..i met my ssp gals last sunday! and it was a BLAST!! as usual!! any meetings with the girls is a helluva and u will be all sugar-high the rest of the day!! lol.but anyways,i am gonna update on that soon.as for now..i am too tired to upload the pics to arrange it for all of you to see.but i promise you i will do it by next week!! sebab minggu depan cuti sekolah so cikgu is s0oo free!! ;D so okei.to those i've tagged..sila buat tagging anda.hehe.yati,thanks! it's really interesting..yours was better than mine :P and yang lain come on come on!! i bet u have more interesting 'magic notes' to tell me :) i'm waitinggg...so to kak sher! congrats!! finally the peak is about to end!! you had been drained out!!! but i'm sure u dah pro gilerr now ;) so to all..will get back to u later okei..stick aroun.don't worry i tried my best to bloghop to everyones blog EVERY DAY :) laters~

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