Monday, August 06, 2007

setiap yang datang..pasti akan pergi..

woww!! finally..i can actually sit in front of the pc and published all the posts i had saved in drafts :P anyways,on saturday..went out with nadz for jog..well its actually a brisk walk but quite laju la..coz i have to catch up with nadz's long legs :P so we did 1 hour walk and end up eating taufu faa and me, cincau soya panas :D thought i wanna go for breakfast with her..but she had to rush to meet e'en..

as for me,after she sent me home..i end up cleaning the house doing all the MUST chores and boom! fell flat on the bed and off to la la land for like 2hours!! and then shila meet her the same time my mom told me dat my nenek sedara was in we plak rushed to the hospital...and by then i was t0o tired to go out and i couldn't meet shila since something came up last minute..sob sob.sorry shil.

and then dat night i end up eating late dinner and balik2 je sempat to watch one tree hill and end up after that..borak online til 2!! haiyoo,lately memang i taleh tido sangat..however..the next day..which is semalam..i hafta wake up early again..
got a date with nadz and azz.we went for a jog from 8.30-9.30..huhu!!sila matahari dah naik kannn :P but it was good la..sweaty lebih sket :P nadz came with shu,her mmu fren and turnout we had a great time laughing at each other la kan :P and azz is s0o cute!! u should see how she counts offends azz :P and then mama called then it was 10am and she told me dat tok lang had passed i hafta rush home with azz and nadz drove off with shu.then..the whole day was realllyyyy tiring...

rushed to take a shower,went off to hospital to see arwah tok was really sad to see her makes me realized..yang datang pasti akan pergi..i talked to her 2 months back.and she was still healthy and even laughing to our jokes..but Allah loves her more.innalillahi wailaihiraji'un. i pitied tok ping since he was left alone.he remain calmed.but i could see his teary eyes.he didn't cry in front of us, give him we went back to his house and did the proper ceremony..i could see papa shedding tears..he was trying hard to hold it back but i guess he just couldnt, seeing the jenazah..

he told us that he accompanied tok ping back at the flat to pick up some kain batik and clothes for the jenazah..he saw tok ping was crying alone in the bathroom..he was crying hard..and papa stood there..feeling helpless but all he can do was to calm him took a whole lot of guts though..alhamdulillah..tok ping was being strong... he has the whole ceremony..prayers,funeral..ended at,totally wore out..hafta take care of lil ameer til 8pm!! s0oo tired..i end up flat AGAIN..crashing the bed and woke up at 10 for G&g..however,abang watched MANU vs CHELSEA..sheesh!! sabar je i kena tunggu episode 5 uploaded at the anyway,pretty much dat was my was tiring though i end up sleeping early and woke up at 9.30am today.i did get good sleep though.oh!tomorrow is azz's BIG day..weeee~!! wait for her changes!! jeng jeng jeng ;D

P/s: al-fatihah to tok lang.may her soul rest in peace with other muslimin and muslimat..aminnn

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