Sunday, August 19, 2007

selamat pengantin baru was a fun day today :) good food definitely made my day ;p besides the facts that we lost our way to fatty's house..we DID follow the signboard tau.apekah?? i'm bad with maps??heuheu.well..we departed from my house at 12.azz picked me up and off we went to puncak perdana.all the way we gambled our totally relying on the map.but i guess if the place seems unfamiliar to me..janganlah menggatal nak pegi.confirm sesat.huhuhu.but lucky lela and kak yana guide us halfway.coz we were already in the same area but we seemed to missed one freaking exit then we went up and down the highway FOUR TIMES!lol.but alhamdulillah..sampai jugak kami ke puncak perdana.. :) we didn't lost like berjam2 la..just aroun 20-30mins :P ok what? nasib baik azz tak flipped..huhu.sorry azz.. ;D

so anyways,the ceremony was superb!!it's a garden wedding.and the food was good good good!! i loikee..i ate like A LOT!! kak yana lagi,lah!!hehe.we WERE hungry anyways..hehe..there were grilled chicken,lamb,soto,mee kari,roti jala,nasi minyak,mee goreng urm wat else..hmm..for dessert we had caramel pudding,ice cream,fruits,akok,jelly and god knows how much we ate.sampai ke petang i still kenyang..

the newly weds :) kak fadilah and hubby

the early girls..although sesat ;p

us and pengantin

the sspians who came :)

well..had a great day today.still tired from teaching.huhu.azz's in kelantan now.nadz!!where's ur updates??;p ok..gonna crash the bed.nite nite <3

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