Saturday, August 04, 2007

i've walked halfway to the moon..

what a dayyy..went to UPM yesterday..woke up dayme early and went to kl sentral with papa..and met jessie there..we went to UPM later on,to get my transcript and sijil sementara..however..i've walked halfway across from KL to selangor la kan..but habuk pun sijil name was not endorsed yet.chet!well the main agenda was to get all the certs la..but oh well,we then went straight to midvalley for TRANSFORMERS!! weee~~!!!finally i get to watch "u u aa e ott!!" dats the sound of transformers changing from autobots to car :D hahahaha.and we bought the earliest tix la psyched!!! then while waiting for the movie..we walked around midvalley and i am s0o buntu to find my munchkins' gifts la~!!!:(( sengal tau!! i think i have to go OU again..i just couldnt find the right gifts laa..

so anyways,me and jess went for some window shopping.i end up with nothing in my hand..and jess..hmm she bought quite a much of a window shopping aa jess ;p so then we jalan lenggang lengguk mak limah back to the cinema..coz i told jess "kita masuk 15mins lambat laa..prolly the have the adverts and all.." so kami pun bersenang lenang membeli nuggets,popcorns and drinks...masuk2 je cinema....we were like 10-15mins late for the show..aiyooo!!! cepat pulak dia start.but its okei..overall..the movie was FANTASTIC BOOMBASTIC MISTER LOBBA LOBBA la kan!! memang besttttttt!!! i am s0o gonna watch again!! i don't mind ;p i suka giler bumblebee of course..and also jazz!! dat pontiac is supercoooooooll~~!!! tapi senang2 je dia mati pututs dua!!! haiyooo...but overall..ada jugakla tak logik cite ni.but i enjoyed makes me imagine things beyond my expectations ;) two,three,four thumbs up!! (jari saya dan jess.hehe :D )

so went back aroun 5 and took the bas back to was a l0oong journey today.i had a great time though.once in a while..hanging out an ol fren and watch movie..rite now..with the boredom and all..i definitely need a getaway :) so ok.need some sleep..s0oo tired..and meeting nadz tomorrow ;)

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