Monday, August 27, 2007

it's my graduation day!! :)

hey..last saturday was my BIG day.yep!it's my graduation day.i couldnt sleep the night before..i even dreamt that i couldnt make it on time to the graduation!!wth?? :P but went planned.. :)

so aroun 11am i dah siap2 nak pegi UPM..but guess what la kan..pukul 12 baru boleh bertolak from nak dijadikan cerita..the road to graduation was damn jammed!

and as for me..habis tenang je..siap tangkap2 gamba lagi..hehe..but dalam hati Tuhan je tau :P

then sampai pun just on time to go solat then kelam kabut plak la nak cari fiza.haha.nampak sangat cuak..but alhamdulillah..minah itu sungguh tenang mencari saya and kami jumpa!! :D

getting ready..

then i rushed to find jessica..its where they gathered..before entering the when we met up..ape lagi..picture time laa~!! again!! ;D

me and my coursemate

me and ain~~!!

then its time to enter the hall..and during entering the hall..felt s0oo thrilled!!like everyone was standing up for us,the graduates!! i was all smiley :) i am sure my family here's picture of me going up the stage :) u cant really see me..coz its a long distance shot.but u can see the chichai me receiving my scroll from the pro canselor.nervous!! :P

so after for almost 4 hours in the hall..the ceremony ended..and i am now officially graduate of Bacelor of Computer System.alhamdulillah.. :) so i rushed out and met fiza,kidd and stella!! and of coz my family!! <3

the proud parents :)

my family and i

fizz..thanks for coming babe <33

thanks fizz and kidd <3

the precious gift from the love ones

my prince charming! <3

the convocation book :)

ok peeps.that's all for now.i got too many pictures to upload.i guess..i'm just gonna share these pictures with you.the rest of the pictures are still in the thanks to all who came and mama,papa! i hope i made u proud :) love you!! <33

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