Friday, August 17, 2007

hey ho!! it's fly-day!!!

hey peeps!!it's friday and i am s0o freaking happy!!as for those who's been working..i'm sure u know wat i meant!!weee~!!! and plus! it's school holiday next week!!and i am s0oo holi-daying!! ;)

anyways,as i promised..i'm gonna update on the ssp 2nd small gathering at OU ;) so there were 10 of us actually..but ecah came late..but! there were jelot and apoo!! can u believe it??woahh~!!! they are s0o susah to meet up okayy!! so yeah..there were apoo,jelot,yatt,sue,me,nadz,azz,yatt,nadmus and ecah!! it was a blast!! we planned to eat at nandos.but its was packed with hungry humans!! we decided to go to shakeys.although the pizzas were not s0 good ( i am pizza hut lover ;p ) but it was okei.i was kenyang la kann..we ate A LOT and it only costed us 8's that??

so we went to shakeys and hangout for like ages!!we had a great time!!we laughed like crazy and definitely hot gossips like every seconds!! so after a while..azz has to chiao and jelot too.s0o sad coz we lepak like baru sekejap.but the plan was a bit out of place...and time consuming..but later on..after we're about to leave shakeys..ecah came.she was stucked in the parking lot for an hour!! looking for parking!kesiannn ecah :P so then..headed to bowling alley!! time ni memang lawak nak mampos!! the rule was..sape menang dia nadz,me and ecah was like leading..cuak gak..but nasib baik nadz yang paling terrer masa tu.and suddenly nerk was like woah!! tetiba terrer la plak eh?? but then tetiba jugakla the rule changed! :P sape kalah dia plak yang menjadi mangsa was apoo and nadmus!!menggelabah member nak score bagus2! lol but the funny thing is that sape kalah kena belanja bayar ticket parking.alaa..berapa sangat la kan?!! :P so guess who lost? haha.nadmus!!! ;p menggelabah member kena belanja eh??hahahah.tapi tak pun..kesian aa..ek ;) but was really funny..macam2 pose sengal from us.and nerk was superb aa..kecik2 cili api..dahlah ngan posing mautnye.dengan suara kitorang yang macam nak tercabut anak tekak!hahahaha..

then it was getting late..and all of us hafta head home.the gathering was fun!we should do this more often.but tu la..yang datang pun like muka me,nadz,nerk and ecah wajib ada! :P but yeah..that's the least we can do to keep in touch with each other..once in a while ok what?? :) so here are the pictures..enjoy! ;)

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