Wednesday, August 08, 2007

hari yang membingungkan..

well...woke up pretty late today..since i slept in at 3.haiyo!! and woke up with HUGE eyebags.upss!!s0o..i woke up late..rushed downstairs to take a bath..and the house was a mess!!oh..note that azz's picking me up at 11! haiyooo!! so i cepat2 cleaned up the the laundriessss..and do everything i need and i was in the middle of my breakfast..when UPM called..but I was downstairs and i got the voicemail from them.and they told me to call them back.i was daymeeee nervous!!so i called back when they told me...they didn't get my forms!!!! which was for credit transfer!!wth?!! I DID DAT LAST 3 MONTHS!!! urghhhhhh!!! geram sangat!!! i dah agak benda ni akan jadi!! haiyooo!! kalau derang tak dapat forms tu,maknanya..i taleh convo!! sedih tauuu!!! so i called the person in charge..and she said i never gave them the forms!!whattt?!!! giler gerammm masa tuu!! so they told me to find a copy,just in case i have one.and they, will try to search for the forms again.they have to!! gilerr ape?? aku nak convo lagi 2 minggu!!haishhh...

and suddenly mama plak cakap..we hafta balik kampung!! uikss?? pelik gilerrr!!i was like aaa???so then,azz called..and asked me..if i dont mind to join her if its gonna be too long..and i was like..alaa azz!! i kebetulan kena balik kampung!! and she said its ok then.she can go with her mom!! sorry azz!! i really wanna teman u :( so then..after i hanged up the phone..UPM called me..and told me they found my forms!! aiyo kak bahiyah!! where u put la kann?? buat i cuak sekejap okei..i nak convo ni!!
so alhamdulillah..they found it..i can convo!!insyaAllah... :) then..terlupa la plak!! fiza!!! i janji nak lunch ngan dia!! so i smsed her and told her tak jadi...since i tak ikut azz..and me,going balik kampung..

but then..guess what la kan..after all those phone rushing to siap2 to teman azz which tak jadi.and me cleaning the house tunggang langgang..and breakfast pun tak lalu nak makan sebab terbantut sekejap gara2 phone calls from UPM.huhu.and turned, TAK JADI BALIK KAMPUNG!! haiyooo!! memang membingungkan la today..huhuhu..okei..gotta crash bed.cikgu erin nak pegi skolah esok ;p

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