Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hari ini saya happy :)

woww!!what a day..went out with chia and azz today..actually we planned to go to the hospital..but end up azz woke up late and her friend told her to go to the hospital then,i dah siap2 dah pun tunggu azz yang terlambat bangun azz picked me up aroun 12.45pm then we went off to shila's house in sg buloh.hoh! sampai sesat2 kitorang mencari her house.nasib baik la tak sesat lama thanks to me,the s0o not good with road co pilot.hehehe ;D then we were too hungry to go out and we end up eating shila's home made nasi beryani!!s0oo sedap!!! kan azz?? shila's s0o good tauu!!sedap gilerr~~!! malu i nak tambah.hahahah..then we lepak2 for a while at shila's then off we go to OU!!

sambil drive sambil borak la kan..dak ssp ni..banyak je benda nak when we arrived in OU..azz was looking for baju kerja.and it was hillarious jugak la..sebab ape..haaa..itu u kena tanya azz sendiri :D heheheheh..then we went to vincci and sila lah saleeee!!! i takde duit tau!!! (tengah save some money for something actually) huhuhuhuhu..but takpe..ada jodoh..i will get something for myself nanti..hehehe..then shila grabbed this cute!!! peep toe!!arghhhh~!! s0o nice tau..but tinggal 2 je..the other one was 5 1/2 so confirmla i tak melepaslah erin.hehe.*saje2 buat terlepas ;p* so then we jalan2 sum more and azz bought cute headband at diva and there were s0oo many cute things tau! i nak beli!! but takpe..takpe..i'm just waiting for the right time je ;p so tengah jalan2 nak cari hair clip for azz.terjumpa capek and his friend..capek is shila's then we headed back to diva la kan..sebab capek nak beli sumting for

sedar tak sedar dah pukul 6!nadz wanted to meet us.tapi macam tak we sent shila at the taman bahagia lrt station and nadz was already at my house.aiyo!!sian nadz!! :P so we rushed as fast as we can and nasib baik sempat jumpa nadz.sian u nadz!tunggu kat depan rumah i je :P but then we went inside for a drink and nadz and azz went to fetch ahi for i sempat shower and solat and all..then nadz came back to my house and we sambung borak2 till 8 !!weeeee~~!!! cayunk tau nadz and azz!!suka datang lepak with me..tau je la kan..i bosan giler duk kat umah.hehe.thanks girls..about sabtu ni..will let u know later ok! nadz dah berkobar2 nak berlari nih!!siap beli running shoes baru tu!!lol.caiyork!

me and azz.she cut her hair!!:P

me and chia at her crib

the girls at chia's

us at chia's

girls shopping ;) ..

my favourite girls at my crib :)

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