Friday, August 31, 2007

happy 50th merdeka day!! :)

hey ho!!!'s been 50 years now..listening to paklah's speech..he was telling that he was 17 years old when the country was 'MERDEKA'.woww!!and i was like wat??not even in this world!!it's been a long way..and i bet i took a lot of sacrificies to get this far!! watever it is, wishing Malaysia HAPPY 50TH MERDEKA DAY!!!may Allah bless all of us..

and as for me,i'm stucked at home.coughing my 'anak tekak' out..and seriously..i'm having a really really bad cough..watching the inside man..switching channels from ambang merdeka to HBO..waiting for my lil brother to get back from the celebration and i looked like a 'sick' person.oh well..may Allah bless me too! so i will get well soon..just in time to sleepover at azz..hope so! finger crossed! ;)

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