Thursday, August 23, 2007

alaa..esok jumaat tapi..

wowww!!! sedar tak sedar..esok dah week dah start mengajar yati..saya akan buat tagging awak harini :) but then first just nak coco my shy cat.sangatla pendiam ini kucinggg...huhuh..susah nak peluk.but once dah stroke her head huh!!fluffy gilerr!!

this is coco :)

haritu dia selsema..risau giler coz she was breathing definitely tersumbat la we took her to the vet and now she's all healthy :) *comel giler masa nak bagi ubat..terjelir2 dia..i bet the ubat was pahit:P *

weeee..i am graduating this saturday!! all went well :) so i've took the robe,and everything tried on clothes for convo and nuwen kata cam nak tunang?!! heuheuheuheu..shhhhhh :P and i am s0o looking forward for tomorrow!! coz kaem is sleeping over at my house!! and she's gonna come to my convocation!!weee~!! how i hope ***** can be there.i ada invitation card for u tau :( but its okei.fiza and kaem's gonna be there.but s0o sad that shila and lela couldnt come.could have let them in the hall for the ceremony..tak payah tunggu kat luar panas2 tu :)

oh well..congrats bacelor of computer science 07' holders!! alhamdulillah we are finally graduates!!! woohooo~!!! (^0^)/~~!!

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