Friday, August 31, 2007

happy 50th merdeka day!! :)

hey ho!!!'s been 50 years now..listening to paklah's speech..he was telling that he was 17 years old when the country was 'MERDEKA'.woww!!and i was like wat??not even in this world!!it's been a long way..and i bet i took a lot of sacrificies to get this far!! watever it is, wishing Malaysia HAPPY 50TH MERDEKA DAY!!!may Allah bless all of us..

and as for me,i'm stucked at home.coughing my 'anak tekak' out..and seriously..i'm having a really really bad cough..watching the inside man..switching channels from ambang merdeka to HBO..waiting for my lil brother to get back from the celebration and i looked like a 'sick' person.oh well..may Allah bless me too! so i will get well soon..just in time to sleepover at azz..hope so! finger crossed! ;)

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Monday, August 27, 2007

it's my graduation day!! :)

hey..last saturday was my BIG day.yep!it's my graduation day.i couldnt sleep the night before..i even dreamt that i couldnt make it on time to the graduation!!wth?? :P but went planned.. :)

so aroun 11am i dah siap2 nak pegi UPM..but guess what la kan..pukul 12 baru boleh bertolak from nak dijadikan cerita..the road to graduation was damn jammed!

and as for me..habis tenang je..siap tangkap2 gamba lagi..hehe..but dalam hati Tuhan je tau :P

then sampai pun just on time to go solat then kelam kabut plak la nak cari fiza.haha.nampak sangat cuak..but alhamdulillah..minah itu sungguh tenang mencari saya and kami jumpa!! :D

getting ready..

then i rushed to find jessica..its where they gathered..before entering the when we met up..ape lagi..picture time laa~!! again!! ;D

me and my coursemate

me and ain~~!!

then its time to enter the hall..and during entering the hall..felt s0oo thrilled!!like everyone was standing up for us,the graduates!! i was all smiley :) i am sure my family here's picture of me going up the stage :) u cant really see me..coz its a long distance shot.but u can see the chichai me receiving my scroll from the pro canselor.nervous!! :P

so after for almost 4 hours in the hall..the ceremony ended..and i am now officially graduate of Bacelor of Computer System.alhamdulillah.. :) so i rushed out and met fiza,kidd and stella!! and of coz my family!! <3

the proud parents :)

my family and i

fizz..thanks for coming babe <33

thanks fizz and kidd <3

the precious gift from the love ones

my prince charming! <3

the convocation book :)

ok peeps.that's all for now.i got too many pictures to upload.i guess..i'm just gonna share these pictures with you.the rest of the pictures are still in the thanks to all who came and mama,papa! i hope i made u proud :) love you!! <33

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

alaa..esok jumaat tapi..

wowww!!! sedar tak sedar..esok dah week dah start mengajar yati..saya akan buat tagging awak harini :) but then first just nak coco my shy cat.sangatla pendiam ini kucinggg...huhuh..susah nak peluk.but once dah stroke her head huh!!fluffy gilerr!!

this is coco :)

haritu dia selsema..risau giler coz she was breathing definitely tersumbat la we took her to the vet and now she's all healthy :) *comel giler masa nak bagi ubat..terjelir2 dia..i bet the ubat was pahit:P *

weeee..i am graduating this saturday!! all went well :) so i've took the robe,and everything tried on clothes for convo and nuwen kata cam nak tunang?!! heuheuheuheu..shhhhhh :P and i am s0o looking forward for tomorrow!! coz kaem is sleeping over at my house!! and she's gonna come to my convocation!!weee~!! how i hope ***** can be there.i ada invitation card for u tau :( but its okei.fiza and kaem's gonna be there.but s0o sad that shila and lela couldnt come.could have let them in the hall for the ceremony..tak payah tunggu kat luar panas2 tu :)

oh well..congrats bacelor of computer science 07' holders!! alhamdulillah we are finally graduates!!! woohooo~!!! (^0^)/~~!!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

selamat pengantin baru was a fun day today :) good food definitely made my day ;p besides the facts that we lost our way to fatty's house..we DID follow the signboard tau.apekah?? i'm bad with maps??heuheu.well..we departed from my house at 12.azz picked me up and off we went to puncak perdana.all the way we gambled our totally relying on the map.but i guess if the place seems unfamiliar to me..janganlah menggatal nak pegi.confirm sesat.huhuhu.but lucky lela and kak yana guide us halfway.coz we were already in the same area but we seemed to missed one freaking exit then we went up and down the highway FOUR TIMES!lol.but alhamdulillah..sampai jugak kami ke puncak perdana.. :) we didn't lost like berjam2 la..just aroun 20-30mins :P ok what? nasib baik azz tak flipped..huhu.sorry azz.. ;D

so anyways,the ceremony was superb!!it's a garden wedding.and the food was good good good!! i loikee..i ate like A LOT!! kak yana lagi,lah!!hehe.we WERE hungry anyways..hehe..there were grilled chicken,lamb,soto,mee kari,roti jala,nasi minyak,mee goreng urm wat else..hmm..for dessert we had caramel pudding,ice cream,fruits,akok,jelly and god knows how much we ate.sampai ke petang i still kenyang..

the newly weds :) kak fadilah and hubby

the early girls..although sesat ;p

us and pengantin

the sspians who came :)

well..had a great day today.still tired from teaching.huhu.azz's in kelantan now.nadz!!where's ur updates??;p ok..gonna crash the bed.nite nite <3

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Friday, August 17, 2007

hey ho!! it's fly-day!!!

hey peeps!!it's friday and i am s0o freaking happy!!as for those who's been working..i'm sure u know wat i meant!!weee~!!! and plus! it's school holiday next week!!and i am s0oo holi-daying!! ;)

anyways,as i promised..i'm gonna update on the ssp 2nd small gathering at OU ;) so there were 10 of us actually..but ecah came late..but! there were jelot and apoo!! can u believe it??woahh~!!! they are s0o susah to meet up okayy!! so yeah..there were apoo,jelot,yatt,sue,me,nadz,azz,yatt,nadmus and ecah!! it was a blast!! we planned to eat at nandos.but its was packed with hungry humans!! we decided to go to shakeys.although the pizzas were not s0 good ( i am pizza hut lover ;p ) but it was okei.i was kenyang la kann..we ate A LOT and it only costed us 8's that??

so we went to shakeys and hangout for like ages!!we had a great time!!we laughed like crazy and definitely hot gossips like every seconds!! so after a while..azz has to chiao and jelot too.s0o sad coz we lepak like baru sekejap.but the plan was a bit out of place...and time consuming..but later on..after we're about to leave shakeys..ecah came.she was stucked in the parking lot for an hour!! looking for parking!kesiannn ecah :P so then..headed to bowling alley!! time ni memang lawak nak mampos!! the rule was..sape menang dia nadz,me and ecah was like leading..cuak gak..but nasib baik nadz yang paling terrer masa tu.and suddenly nerk was like woah!! tetiba terrer la plak eh?? but then tetiba jugakla the rule changed! :P sape kalah dia plak yang menjadi mangsa was apoo and nadmus!!menggelabah member nak score bagus2! lol but the funny thing is that sape kalah kena belanja bayar ticket parking.alaa..berapa sangat la kan?!! :P so guess who lost? haha.nadmus!!! ;p menggelabah member kena belanja eh??hahahah.tapi tak pun..kesian aa..ek ;) but was really funny..macam2 pose sengal from us.and nerk was superb aa..kecik2 cili api..dahlah ngan posing mautnye.dengan suara kitorang yang macam nak tercabut anak tekak!hahahaha..

then it was getting late..and all of us hafta head home.the gathering was fun!we should do this more often.but tu la..yang datang pun like muka me,nadz,nerk and ecah wajib ada! :P but yeah..that's the least we can do to keep in touch with each other..once in a while ok what?? :) so here are the pictures..enjoy! ;)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the words are finally out!

hey peeps!!!wowww!!! WHAT A DAY!! i mean like it had been 4 days now.and i am telling you guys..haha! (this is funny) i am working part time as cikgu sementara in primary school in sister in law insist me to do what the heck right? the pay was okei.i could get good money although i substitued this teacher for a i don't have anything to do at home ;p so yep! now erin is cikgu zaireen for a month! ;D

and then..after the 'hari yang membingungkan' the words are finally out..that i can graduate!!! yippiee!! i was worried sick! but alhamdulillah..i had received the convocation letter and insyaAllah..i will be graduating on the 25th of August 2007 :) and to those girls yang i dah ajak..DO come..i bet its gonna be really meaningful for me!!so gonna c u girls ok ;)

talking about girls..i met my ssp gals last sunday! and it was a BLAST!! as usual!! any meetings with the girls is a helluva and u will be all sugar-high the rest of the day!! lol.but anyways,i am gonna update on that for now..i am too tired to upload the pics to arrange it for all of you to see.but i promise you i will do it by next week!! sebab minggu depan cuti sekolah so cikgu is s0oo free!! ;D so those i've tagged..sila buat tagging anda.hehe.yati,thanks! it's really interesting..yours was better than mine :P and yang lain come on come on!! i bet u have more interesting 'magic notes' to tell me :) i'm to kak sher! congrats!! finally the peak is about to end!! you had been drained out!!! but i'm sure u dah pro gilerr now ;) so to all..will get back to u later okei..stick aroun.don't worry i tried my best to bloghop to everyones blog EVERY DAY :) laters~

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Friday, August 10, 2007

magic notes : i think it's interesting :

okei..i was browsing through someone's blog and i think it's quite interesting.hehe.actually yati had tagged me to do something else..but i couldnt think of weird things about me at the mo.actually..i had also done the weird things thingy i couldnt think of a new anyways,i think this is more interesting..hehhee..go and read ur old messages in your handphone and came up with weird or any interesting messages..well..i came up with these :

pojoe >

be happy.i finally brought your t-shirt to d u.
(note : oh this one i'm very happy!!dapat t-shirt the strokes!!weee~!!!)

dar >

I kenot slip.Hehe,mesti u dah tdo.Kalau tak terjaga by bunyi sms,maknanya u tdo mati :p
(note: haha dar.i dengar.but i tade credit nak reply)

shila >

i depan rumah you..
(note : agak2 kalau bukan shila yang bagi,and dapat malam2 buta..korang nak kuar rumah tak??heuheu.. )


Hi erin.Happy birthday!U're 23 today,almost a quarter of a century lol.Take care!Will see u when i get bck 2 malaysia;)
(note : thanks munchkins!)


Babe! happy birthday..may Allah bless u always..may u get a boifren soon..may u get good job too..n may u get watever u wish for.Happiness always..stay fun n young! Muah muah!
(note : kaem..kaem..i tunggu u dulu la.haha)

nadz >

babi! kete aku kena clamp.if lambat korg pegi dulu..
(note: tak pasal2 aku dapat babi eh nadz :P )

azz >

WHAT??!!Oh my god!Hehe.Ajar subject ape?Which school? I'm out now kalo tak mmg i go check u out! Hehe.Esok lar i go ;-) selamat mengajar cikgu erin!Hehe
(har har azz!)

dee dee >

Tp i dah kuar umah,nak beli ayamas.mcm tu, u tgk muka i,i tgk muka u..Ok cikgu.
(note : bueks!>:p )

dar >

Tiba2 tiada koneksi,hmmm
(note : )

fizA >

erin.........huhuhuhuhuhuhu :(

ash >

sayanngggg awakkkkk!!! (note : erk! :P)

unagi >

tgk!ajak2 ayam je rupanya..kang i ajak2 kambing tengok transformers baru tau..

mama >

aloo cikgu.budak2 nakal tak??

nadz >

badan aku sakit2 ok!!

unagi >

baju u dah kena makan lembu :P

jana >

zamir ada kat mesia.. (note: DANG!!)

dee dee >

i bawak dvd tuh.dengan pelakon2 skali. (note : HAHAHAHAHA)

khadijah >

hey old friend,hw r u?I'm not feeling good,tgh demam.It's me,khadijah

sue >

babe ko dtg ah skrg..aku xtau nak wtpe ni

azz >

ok jap.i nak blow my hair and i'm on my way :-)

sue >

dah.aku dh nampak.korg dh dduk ke?

azz >

cikgu cikgu,i just woke up! Hehe.Jgn jeles! ;-)

ash >

takyah balik dgn cikgu

jess >

then we go shopping..i nak beli concealer la.hahahaha

banyak sms i dah deleted..i suka cleanup messages sket.haha.but dar punya memang lawak2..nak letak semua cam kelakar plak.but yeah..i'm tagging :




4.kak shera

5.kak mizz




and dar..if ur reading.i tagged u!u kena buat kat blog u!haha!so okei.i wanna crash the bed.cikgu penat!:P and esok mahu dating lagi~!!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

hari yang membingungkan..

well...woke up pretty late today..since i slept in at 3.haiyo!! and woke up with HUGE eyebags.upss!!s0o..i woke up late..rushed downstairs to take a bath..and the house was a mess!!oh..note that azz's picking me up at 11! haiyooo!! so i cepat2 cleaned up the the laundriessss..and do everything i need and i was in the middle of my breakfast..when UPM called..but I was downstairs and i got the voicemail from them.and they told me to call them back.i was daymeeee nervous!!so i called back when they told me...they didn't get my forms!!!! which was for credit transfer!!wth?!! I DID DAT LAST 3 MONTHS!!! urghhhhhh!!! geram sangat!!! i dah agak benda ni akan jadi!! haiyooo!! kalau derang tak dapat forms tu,maknanya..i taleh convo!! sedih tauuu!!! so i called the person in charge..and she said i never gave them the forms!!whattt?!!! giler gerammm masa tuu!! so they told me to find a copy,just in case i have one.and they, will try to search for the forms again.they have to!! gilerr ape?? aku nak convo lagi 2 minggu!!haishhh...

and suddenly mama plak cakap..we hafta balik kampung!! uikss?? pelik gilerrr!!i was like aaa???so then,azz called..and asked me..if i dont mind to join her if its gonna be too long..and i was like..alaa azz!! i kebetulan kena balik kampung!! and she said its ok then.she can go with her mom!! sorry azz!! i really wanna teman u :( so then..after i hanged up the phone..UPM called me..and told me they found my forms!! aiyo kak bahiyah!! where u put la kann?? buat i cuak sekejap okei..i nak convo ni!!
so alhamdulillah..they found it..i can convo!!insyaAllah... :) then..terlupa la plak!! fiza!!! i janji nak lunch ngan dia!! so i smsed her and told her tak jadi...since i tak ikut azz..and me,going balik kampung..

but then..guess what la kan..after all those phone rushing to siap2 to teman azz which tak jadi.and me cleaning the house tunggang langgang..and breakfast pun tak lalu nak makan sebab terbantut sekejap gara2 phone calls from UPM.huhu.and turned, TAK JADI BALIK KAMPUNG!! haiyooo!! memang membingungkan la today..huhuhu..okei..gotta crash bed.cikgu erin nak pegi skolah esok ;p

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Monday, August 06, 2007

setiap yang datang..pasti akan pergi..

woww!! finally..i can actually sit in front of the pc and published all the posts i had saved in drafts :P anyways,on saturday..went out with nadz for jog..well its actually a brisk walk but quite laju la..coz i have to catch up with nadz's long legs :P so we did 1 hour walk and end up eating taufu faa and me, cincau soya panas :D thought i wanna go for breakfast with her..but she had to rush to meet e'en..

as for me,after she sent me home..i end up cleaning the house doing all the MUST chores and boom! fell flat on the bed and off to la la land for like 2hours!! and then shila meet her the same time my mom told me dat my nenek sedara was in we plak rushed to the hospital...and by then i was t0o tired to go out and i couldn't meet shila since something came up last minute..sob sob.sorry shil.

and then dat night i end up eating late dinner and balik2 je sempat to watch one tree hill and end up after that..borak online til 2!! haiyoo,lately memang i taleh tido sangat..however..the next day..which is semalam..i hafta wake up early again..
got a date with nadz and azz.we went for a jog from 8.30-9.30..huhu!!sila matahari dah naik kannn :P but it was good la..sweaty lebih sket :P nadz came with shu,her mmu fren and turnout we had a great time laughing at each other la kan :P and azz is s0o cute!! u should see how she counts offends azz :P and then mama called then it was 10am and she told me dat tok lang had passed i hafta rush home with azz and nadz drove off with shu.then..the whole day was realllyyyy tiring...

rushed to take a shower,went off to hospital to see arwah tok was really sad to see her makes me realized..yang datang pasti akan pergi..i talked to her 2 months back.and she was still healthy and even laughing to our jokes..but Allah loves her more.innalillahi wailaihiraji'un. i pitied tok ping since he was left alone.he remain calmed.but i could see his teary eyes.he didn't cry in front of us, give him we went back to his house and did the proper ceremony..i could see papa shedding tears..he was trying hard to hold it back but i guess he just couldnt, seeing the jenazah..

he told us that he accompanied tok ping back at the flat to pick up some kain batik and clothes for the jenazah..he saw tok ping was crying alone in the bathroom..he was crying hard..and papa stood there..feeling helpless but all he can do was to calm him took a whole lot of guts though..alhamdulillah..tok ping was being strong... he has the whole ceremony..prayers,funeral..ended at,totally wore out..hafta take care of lil ameer til 8pm!! s0oo tired..i end up flat AGAIN..crashing the bed and woke up at 10 for G&g..however,abang watched MANU vs CHELSEA..sheesh!! sabar je i kena tunggu episode 5 uploaded at the anyway,pretty much dat was my was tiring though i end up sleeping early and woke up at 9.30am today.i did get good sleep though.oh!tomorrow is azz's BIG day..weeee~!! wait for her changes!! jeng jeng jeng ;D

P/s: al-fatihah to tok lang.may her soul rest in peace with other muslimin and muslimat..aminnn

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

i've walked halfway to the moon..

what a dayyy..went to UPM yesterday..woke up dayme early and went to kl sentral with papa..and met jessie there..we went to UPM later on,to get my transcript and sijil sementara..however..i've walked halfway across from KL to selangor la kan..but habuk pun sijil name was not endorsed yet.chet!well the main agenda was to get all the certs la..but oh well,we then went straight to midvalley for TRANSFORMERS!! weee~~!!!finally i get to watch "u u aa e ott!!" dats the sound of transformers changing from autobots to car :D hahahaha.and we bought the earliest tix la psyched!!! then while waiting for the movie..we walked around midvalley and i am s0o buntu to find my munchkins' gifts la~!!!:(( sengal tau!! i think i have to go OU again..i just couldnt find the right gifts laa..

so anyways,me and jess went for some window shopping.i end up with nothing in my hand..and jess..hmm she bought quite a much of a window shopping aa jess ;p so then we jalan lenggang lengguk mak limah back to the cinema..coz i told jess "kita masuk 15mins lambat laa..prolly the have the adverts and all.." so kami pun bersenang lenang membeli nuggets,popcorns and drinks...masuk2 je cinema....we were like 10-15mins late for the show..aiyooo!!! cepat pulak dia start.but its okei..overall..the movie was FANTASTIC BOOMBASTIC MISTER LOBBA LOBBA la kan!! memang besttttttt!!! i am s0o gonna watch again!! i don't mind ;p i suka giler bumblebee of course..and also jazz!! dat pontiac is supercoooooooll~~!!! tapi senang2 je dia mati pututs dua!!! haiyooo...but overall..ada jugakla tak logik cite ni.but i enjoyed makes me imagine things beyond my expectations ;) two,three,four thumbs up!! (jari saya dan jess.hehe :D )

so went back aroun 5 and took the bas back to was a l0oong journey today.i had a great time though.once in a while..hanging out an ol fren and watch movie..rite now..with the boredom and all..i definitely need a getaway :) so ok.need some sleep..s0oo tired..and meeting nadz tomorrow ;)

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hari ini saya happy :)

woww!!what a day..went out with chia and azz today..actually we planned to go to the hospital..but end up azz woke up late and her friend told her to go to the hospital then,i dah siap2 dah pun tunggu azz yang terlambat bangun azz picked me up aroun 12.45pm then we went off to shila's house in sg buloh.hoh! sampai sesat2 kitorang mencari her house.nasib baik la tak sesat lama thanks to me,the s0o not good with road co pilot.hehehe ;D then we were too hungry to go out and we end up eating shila's home made nasi beryani!!s0oo sedap!!! kan azz?? shila's s0o good tauu!!sedap gilerr~~!! malu i nak tambah.hahahah..then we lepak2 for a while at shila's then off we go to OU!!

sambil drive sambil borak la kan..dak ssp ni..banyak je benda nak when we arrived in OU..azz was looking for baju kerja.and it was hillarious jugak la..sebab ape..haaa..itu u kena tanya azz sendiri :D heheheheh..then we went to vincci and sila lah saleeee!!! i takde duit tau!!! (tengah save some money for something actually) huhuhuhuhu..but takpe..ada jodoh..i will get something for myself nanti..hehehe..then shila grabbed this cute!!! peep toe!!arghhhh~!! s0o nice tau..but tinggal 2 je..the other one was 5 1/2 so confirmla i tak melepaslah erin.hehe.*saje2 buat terlepas ;p* so then we jalan2 sum more and azz bought cute headband at diva and there were s0oo many cute things tau! i nak beli!! but takpe..takpe..i'm just waiting for the right time je ;p so tengah jalan2 nak cari hair clip for azz.terjumpa capek and his friend..capek is shila's then we headed back to diva la kan..sebab capek nak beli sumting for

sedar tak sedar dah pukul 6!nadz wanted to meet us.tapi macam tak we sent shila at the taman bahagia lrt station and nadz was already at my house.aiyo!!sian nadz!! :P so we rushed as fast as we can and nasib baik sempat jumpa nadz.sian u nadz!tunggu kat depan rumah i je :P but then we went inside for a drink and nadz and azz went to fetch ahi for i sempat shower and solat and all..then nadz came back to my house and we sambung borak2 till 8 !!weeeee~~!!! cayunk tau nadz and azz!!suka datang lepak with me..tau je la kan..i bosan giler duk kat umah.hehe.thanks girls..about sabtu ni..will let u know later ok! nadz dah berkobar2 nak berlari nih!!siap beli running shoes baru tu!!lol.caiyork!

me and azz.she cut her hair!!:P

me and chia at her crib

the girls at chia's

us at chia's

girls shopping ;) ..

my favourite girls at my crib :)

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