Friday, July 20, 2007

why must now??

current mood : confused!!

current song : ella : jujur ta'kan melupakan

why not another two years..??when i'm totally over you??seriously..when i received the text..i feel like throwing the phone straight to the wall!!shait!! kenapa??why must you ruin my weekend?! seriously..i think i'm such a hypocrite.lying to myself.lying to my friends about my feelings for him.right after reading the says :
"***** ada kat mesia.." i went like WTF???? and right at that moment,
the same old feelings came rushing back inside me.hatred.confused.sad.betrayed.frustrated.and definitely insecure! kenapa??? kenapa mesti sekarang?? kenapa tak nanti?? bila aku dah tak ingat langsung kat is too early.the scar is still there..the pain started to bleed again.all the memories and images came flashing into my head.dayme! i definitely...........

still..not over him (>___<) ....

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