Saturday, July 07, 2007

weeeeee seronottt..

wahhhh tetiba malam ni macam tak mengantuk plak..just finished watching 'road to perdition'.i think i've watched it a few times and i still like the story line..i always have this softspot for mobsters..hahaha.mereka sangat kewl okei ;p so..dats why my eyes are all wide rite now.coz me and ma dad sanggup tunggu nightline gara2 nak tunggu the story sambung after that..and huh!satisfying!! BUT i hafta sleep..esok another day for jog!!and weeeee~~!!! saya sudah menukar layout saya!!! hehehe..i suddenly got an idea of using this happy colors and i loike!! plus..i think all the background and layout are from my own colllections and the combinition of colors..saya suke! =D tetiba dapat ilham nak color nih.ceria kan??ok then..nak hapdet pasal tu jer :P esok kena bangun awal..nite nite

i rasa ni gara2 happy dapat makan

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