Sunday, July 15, 2007

weeeee~~!!! no doubt!i heart my ssp girls very much!!

wahh!! yesterday was the best day ever!!i bet the best of the year so far ;) because...i went out with these beautiful and crazy girls!!! weee~~!!! ;) i went out with nadz,kaem,fatie,nerk and aisyah!!wowww!!memang best giler!! supposedly apoo,gg and qoyye should come..but last minute..they can't..sob sob..

anyways,me and nadz went to pick up kaem at taman bahagia..she just finished taking her english exams.kaem is gonna be one good lecturer soon!!she's leaving for warwick insyaAllah~~!!! we all pray for you kaem!!

so then off~!! we go to one utama to wait for nerk,fatie and ecah.nerk was the first to arrive and we took her to wait at the side of the road.and while waiting for ecah and fattie..we end up gossiping in nadz car!!ape lagi?!!! gamat la~!! itu baru 4 orang sspian!! then ecah came and then finally..fattie came!!it was funny though..if you happened to pass by the one utama..u can see cars were parking by the side of the road like in the middle of the nowhere.hahah.macam ada convoy je~~ off we went to santai where we booked a place for our lunch ;)

bila dah kat santai..sila lah~~!!menjerit sana menjerit sini.gelak sana gelak sini..suka hati nak buat ape..orang lain tak kesah pun.heheheh..and wahh!!fatty!! lama giler tak jumpa dia!! like after spm!!! eh was it??;p but yeah~!! she's s0oo....fatty :D heheh..pweety as always..and she's gonna be our future architect!! the cool thing is..she took double degree in architecture and engineering!! woww!! titie!! s0oo pandaiiii~!!

and then there were nerk!!wahhhhh~!!! s0oo happy to seee her!! hah! yang nih memang confirm after spm tak jumpa langsung!! and wahh!! sudah menjadi QS consultant for 2 years now!! i'm s0o proud of you nerk!! so we lepak2 makan and woah!!we were s0o lapar okei.i was supposed to share my 'lauk' with fattie..end up ..i abeskan most of it.haha.sorry fattie~~ <33 so bila nerk dah jumpa ngan nadz and kaem..huh!! ape lagi!
cheeky2 ;p gossip sakannnn~!!!

and then on my side was ecah,fatie and i was about to take pictures with kaem mesti ada~~!! hahaha..kaem..kaem ;p

so then we makan2 and like 3 something..we all headed to my house for solat and MORE gossipss~!!! ;D


got loads of pictures of us gossiping..but most of it could not view if u wanna see it..just leave me a message :)

so then..after that we all went to nadz's house for basketball~!!!best sangat sangat!!! we all played 3 on 3..and definitely best la..although we played like agak beriye..but still, we played for fun..and hafta stopped since everyone dah semput! we lepak2 for some shots!!

overall..we had a blast!!i definitely had a great time!!kan nadz?!! we think that we should do MORE of this kinda meeting..gonna be great fun and good for your health too ;p but i think maybe we can do this when everyone's back for good :) so here are the rest of the pictures okei ...enjoy!! =)

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