Friday, July 06, 2007

updated for today!!

hey ho.just a short update.wahhh s0oo happy today!!dd bought me a cake!!alaaa..
i rasa nak nangis pun ada.yeaa..i had been asking for cakes but happened to be my family misunderstood each mom thought,my big bro will buy me the cake and and my mom and dad will treat me for my birthday big bro thought my mom will buy the cake.haha.bagusla tuh!so end up,NO CAKES on my birthday!!s0o sad!!opss!!but i did get my birthday cake from shila though earlier on that day =D thanks shila <33

so then..i malas nak cakap i sedih la kan.(if kakak was here.i bet she already bought my favourite cake.sob.sob) so end up.till today...dd said "lets go find a cake for you" alaaa...i terkejut please..not only one,but two of my favourites!! and now..i'm all smileyyyy =)=)

thanks dd <33

my all time favourite : raspberry cheese!!<33

and my heavenly chocolate indulgence aaahh~~

oh i only get the slices one because i know everyone else doesnt like my choice of cakes.haha.bagus jugak!i makan sorang2 lagi best!! lah..i'm planning to eat the whole cake when kakak is here.thanks dd..i l0oove you s0oo mucchhh xoxo and still..i am waiting for kakak to come back for my birthday gifts and my baskin robins' cake!! i hope =p well at least..secret recipe is a must!!=D okei..later~

p/s: i defintely eat loads of cakes huh?;p

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