Sunday, July 01, 2007

thank you darlinkss <33

hey peeps!although yesterday was my birthday..but the tempias still terasa still will be happening till alang come back from londie~~ xoxo and oh!!thanks pee <33 calling all the way....i was about to 'tuntut' u a GOOD present since i thought u almost forgot my burfday ;p nasib baik,huh?haha.hope you had fun in new zee.the land of sheep eh??anyway..mama decided to give me her present choice :):) it s0oo's deep purple in color.i think a mix of purple and maroon in color.and it's bling bling.hehe.i love it ma!thankssss xoxo

the box also in maroon ;)

the pretty baju i loikee =)

the happening box and kapoof!!it's a pweety bohemian shirt@blouse i think!!;)

i wanted to make it more like detail pictures..but i'm kinda sleepy =p had been staying up for urm..14hours a day lately.i just edited the songs i wanted to put in my handphone and guess what?? my handphone is fully mika-sorize and o.c-cerized too! hehe..i transfer into the nokia pc suite,my favourite songs : relax and love today by mika and of coz!california by phantom planet.coolness!! saya suka kalau orang menelefon atau sms saya sekarang ;p anyway..i had been having these unpredictable telepathics communication with nurenchunk lately and in fact,i'm loving it.haha.making me wishing to be in japan even more!! how i wish we were neighbours..ahhh..shiawase naaa...~~ insyaAllah..i am still working on it.ada rezeki adalah kan?=)
oh well!still no sign of cakes yet...although i did have my birthday cake from shila yesterday..and i ate two slices of pizza,AGAIN today!!wowieee..but signs of cake..hmmm..i was planning to buy brownies looked s0o yummy!!but my dad said he doesnt like brownies.darn!but i KNOWWW..abang promised me to give me the cake ;) by hook or by crook!=p oh!my bro went and watched the transformers ALONE today!!s0o not fair!!and came back telling me all the details which i definitely NOT interested coz i was t0o envied to he end up sleeping in my bed dozzing off peacefully.with no signs of his 'anak and isteri'.kak dee and ameer went to school since they had this gotong royong thingy..haishh..bukan main lagi..he still enjoys being single huh..i wonder did he realize that he actually has a one year old son??=p oh well..need to shut some eyes now..too sleepy to stay awake

*hmm..i wonder is nadz asleep yet?i bet she's playing cards or jalan2 pusing penang at the mo sambil melepak di mapley mana2 ni..jeles2*

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