Saturday, July 28, 2007

she's back!! and she's....

well well..short update!! yesterday was really really random!!shila came to my house with a 'friend' at 10pm!! and we end up lepak2 til 12!! was great u know to have friends coming over to your place ;D plus,later at 11pm nadz came to my house just to meet shila and it was hillarious!!huh!lucky my parents sound asleep.fewh! ;p

so then this morning,i was actually planning to go for a walk with nadz!but then end up me,going with right after the walk..i met HER~~~!! yep..azz is back!!!weee~~!!! we met up for breakfast and we had great time..but we hafta cut it short since nadz has to rush back to her office.kerja on wikens?? ape cer kan nadz??!!;p so yep!!she's back..and she's s0oo thin!!! ;D

me and azz :)

nadz and azz : azz nyorok eh??:P

nadz and i :)

thanks girls for making my day :) lets do it again? ;) okei..i wanna watch one tree hill :D laters~ <33

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