Saturday, July 07, 2007

saya sangat penatttt

wahhh..what a day~!! it's reallllly hot lately!!and everytime i'm out of the air conditioned territory..i am surely to sweat or my face went like 'belengas'.just chatted with pee..and he sounded s0oo having fun!! he's in wellington now.roadtrip with friends.and he even went to the urm..ape ntah swing thingy like the one u saw in tv.i know how it looks like la.and i know it's supercooollll~~!! s0o noicee!! i had always wanted to do that and bungee jumping too!but hmm..i guess i need permission from my mom,huh?huhu.anyways, today is kak aishah's engagement ceremony..congrats kak ecah!!finally u got the date 07.07.07 huh?dowry also must be rm77,777.77 la baru best!!:P haha.kidding.i hope she had a wonderful day today...

as for me..i woke up at 10am!!and yep..u can tell that i didn't go for a jog today.end up dad was asleep too!haha.s0o much of 'road of perdition' huh?;p both end up t0o tired to wake up early (my dad said he woke me up today..but i was sound pretty much..he joined me jugee =p ) s0o..i was s0o hungry and hurriedly woke up my bro so he 'teman' me to a dear friend's sis' wedding!! ;) the ceremony was supposed to be from 10am to guess what time i arrived la kan??=D tepat2 jam dua belas!hahahaha..seb baik just in time to meet the bride and my dear friend renee =)

mind the chubbiness..saya baru bangun tido =D

renee was a good friend back in skttdi..but she moved out to melawati i think and never met since then.but then last year..after like what..10 years!!we met again!! but the thing is,we met in UPM!!huh!so much of a jodoh huh?and she was pretttyyy noww~!! she always had =) so we get back together and today was like our real first meeting to sit and chat =) then took the picture with her pretty sister,kak reeva.

kak riey and me =)

happened to be,kak riey is my sister's best friend back then!what a small world huh?so i went there as 'wakil' for my sister since kakak is in kelantan.i feel s0o tired today....maybe sleeping in late last nite..although i used to sleep late.but somehow yesterday was worst! and i am supposed to meet up with putri today.i guess i blew it off..feel bad though.coz she's leaving for indon tomorrow =( oh well..hope i could catch her going out with my japanese freaks tomorrow =D *peace* we're going for a movie and sushiiiii!! weeee~~!! <33

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