Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the reason i smiled

finally..the time has come!wee~!! kakak was back's been 2 months since we went and visit her in kelantan.and yep yep yep!she brought me 'the cake'! i've been waiting for!!<33 it was for my belated birthday since i didn't get a cake for my birthday the other day!! and lucky me~!! she bought me my favourite!! cheesy choc!! ;D i finally got the whole cake to myself!!hehe.

but we saved the cake for the last.coz then kakak treat us all for dinner!my belated birthday dinner =) awee..thanks kak!! <33

kakak and hubby =)

kakak and me <33

so then after the dinner..we all went back home for the birthday ceremony..hehe.pretty much just the candles blowing thingy je la ;p and si kenit joined me!! hehehe.s0oo comel tau ameer!! he wanted to blow the candles too!!

si kenit excited!

us blowing our belated birthday cake ;)

i had a great day yesterday!!even mr eel made my day~!! weee~!! haish...shiawase na~ hontou ni dattara~!! tsk tsk..nuwen chunk~!! tatsukete kure..

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