Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's not easy to get what u want..

heya!fewh!!what a GREATTT weekends! i went out with my beautiful ladies as you can see =) and we had like s0oo many things to catch up with each other.so ecah picked me up at home,all the way from puchong and off we go to midvalley.the plan was supposed to be at 12pm but end up..all of us had something came up,so we end up meeting at 1pm at kenny rogers! it had been ages since i last eaten the mac and cheese and definitely healthy grilled chicken.yum2.i even asked for 2 portions of mac and cheese for my side dishes.but end up the portions was like ONE portion!!so sikit la that person letak for me! i'm mac and cheese BIGGEST fan tau!! ;p nway,although we met up quite late.but it doesnt keep us from hearing aishah's Xrated stories like "woahh~~!!"..hehehe..very very XRATED!! we even continued the stories later on at the san francisco.. ;D

so anyways,i really miss those gals.havent meet up like a year!! we had like this crazy chemistry going on..like we can talk forever..we first met in tokyo.during the hari raya 2004.back then i never met sofia before..so we end up meeting again during rina's birthday party and we went parteyyy!!! at the karaoke til wee hours (even hafta wait for the earliest train the next day ;p ) so that's when i met piah!hehe.and we had this weirdest connections like out of no where *kapoff* we're friends for life!!and the funny thing is that we happened to be 'not' liking the same person too!! hhmm..definitely chemistry =) so yeah..they are like sisters to me..even! sofia is the same age as my eldest brother!! ;p people said we looked like twins.even when i was in japan,people called us 'futago' : twins.hehe.but i somehow don't know..which part of us is 'same'?hmmmm...

so anyways,we end up talking and talking and talking till like 4 something then jana came and joined us.too bad jana was quite late that we hafta 'ciao-ciao' idi :( but we sempat had fun like 30mins!!coz we took like 30-40pictures!!! with definitely weird poses :P knowing us~~!! quoting aishah : 'camera whores!' haha.so after having this spastic and hmm pretty much like retarded friends meeting ;p we hafta leave early..since sofia has somewhere else to go and me+ecah hafta go back early.

so ecah sent me home and it was aroun 5.40pm and guess what?mom's not at home and i end up continuing our l0oong conversations in the car! til 7pm!hehe.we just can't have enough of each other can't we? :P all in all..i had a GGRRRREAT time with my gals <33 thanks babes!!we even promised to each other to make a monthly meeting since all of us are working now ( me:soon ;p )

anyways,i just had an interview today ;) alhamdulillah..everything went well.i was early..managed to do the requirement test : system analyst.answered most of the questions they asked.so i met the two main person in the interview..and roughly,i would say it went well..and i'd tried my best.so the rest..is Allah's desicions..lets just pray for the best.so the interview was for the first round,so if i am qualify for the post..i will have to attend another interview with the BIG man ;) loads of thanks and kisses to nadz!! <33 it's not easy to get what u want u know..so anyways,will keep updated..i'm meeting kaem and jijie this weekends with nadz!!insyaAllah..i hope we could have our crazy plans 'berjaya'!! can't wait!!! xoxo

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