Monday, July 30, 2007

it's not an easy job ;p

finally i get to clean up my room!!huh! dah macam kucing beranak..yesterday was trying to make me enjoy my own space and plans.just me and my solitary :) so i switched on my connection with people and tuned into bic runga and james the weather was a bit cloudy and cool..the air..the birds..just the right mood...i grabbed a book at first.coz i think i need to start reading again.had those books at the back room.novels..mostly read but there are two books which i could never finished.'rich dad poor dad' given by azu and there's one book i bought when i was in high school.a witchery thingy.but i end up sitting in my bed.tuning to the music and grab a after another..for the first 2 hours..i was feeling...ahhh~~!! just what i need.. B-) but then later..i started to feel bored..i needed to do something..

so i end up cleaning up the room.reorganize the tshirts are like s0oo banyak!!plus yang kecik2 so menimbun like bukit and i hafta like fold it 'besar2' so that it will end up flat and doesnt take most of the spaces.i rearrange my make up table..tossing finished perfumes ( i need new gucci envy ) and throwing all the empty bottles,lotions..and loads and loads of unwanted receipts in the drawers :P then i went to my 'kucing beranak' bed..and straighten the bed sheet and changed the covers..fewh! it's not an easy job u know ;p and voila~! it's as tidy as a new hotel tired earlier in the evening..been babysitting lil ameer..who is getting more and more..grumpier.shouting here and there.walking all over the house.mentang2 dah boleh jalan.tunjuk bakat plak dia ;p and me,mengejarlah dia ke hulu ke hilir mana dia nak pegi.huh!so end up..i tinggal je si ameer ngan umi dia.since i wanna watch G&g at 10 ;p

and couldn't sleep last night.too tired to sleep..end up watching youtube and browsing the internet for God knows how long!! and tengok2 dah pukul 4 pagi?!! so i decided to sleep.takut terlepas just woke up.clean up the house except my bed.cooked something to eat.boiled the water.washed the laundry and now..i'm sitting in my room..which is becoming like a 'kucing beranak' place AGAIN ;p i just can't keep up huh?definitely not an easy

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