Monday, July 02, 2007

its her birthday!!<33

she had been in my life for a decade now and God knows how l0ong is that??she is the person who doesnt talks about herself or her feelings that much,but she listens..she's the one who listens to all my crappy jokes..and saying yes to all my yes-no questions...she is a definition of vogue,vintage and reserved.she can be such a drama queen and unpredictably crazy..sumtimes =p

and yet..she is sweeeett and niceee =)

she's always there for me through thicks and thins..the shoulder to lean on..and my favourite driver when she's back for summer! <33

and she can be really really quiet..and she thinks a lot too..i think she talks to herself sometimes :p no kidding..hehe

but most of the time..she is fun!!funny and laughs to all of my jokes.MOST of it ;) and she can't stand being teased that she will blush or laugh and urm..take a hide under her shades??haha

she can be a damsel in distress to be saved by a knight in a shining armor..but she is loving to her friends <33 her family...

and to her love ones..

she is the answers to his love =) and so is he to hers..and i hope they are happy and blessed..with each other..coz i know,i AM..i am blessed with such pure heart and such honesty and such greatest gift of all..i am blessed with her friendship.may our friendship remain forever..insyaAllah..

to my all time best friend in the world..

to one and only, LELAWATI ISA..
happy 23rd birthday alang!! may Allah bless you always and my your hopes and dreams come true!!may you have the greatest birthday ever and i know azz will accompany you on your enjoy! and live in the moment while u can =) love yah!! and thank you for being such a helluva friend!! mmuahss <33

p/s: hope to see u soon xoxo

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