Friday, July 06, 2007

it's about time =)

haishhh...had been browsing and browsing for new skin for my blog.but none yang menawan hati's about time jugak for me to change into sumting brighter..but i totally attached with dark color like the retro 'bulat2' thing as the kan? :P

anyways,in 4 days..banyak benda dah two days ago..i went for my first job interview at lenovo..which i loveee s0oo much the place and all..and the position was as a web technical first was superrr finee..but the middle..something happened..i know i have this web thingy inside me..BUT takde rezeki i guess.and i just received an email saying that i 'tidak berjaya' ( i knew it the moment i walked out that door :( ) sob sob..but its okei..better luck next time ;) plus,mama was hoping i could work at ....hmmm..i hope so too =)

then got my next birthday present!yep!another blouse from mommy.see...good things keep on coming ;) so here's the so-called blouse i guess :P

dats the baju..its purpleee..i loike

and dats me putting on the baju.. :P

and this is the baju without me =D

haha..yeap dats the close me lookie hugeee :P anyways,had been dloading manjalara from youtube..the previous episodes..OMG i am s0o not confessing this but jehan miskin in that drama..seriously...melting laaaa...<33 i definitely tableh tahan mamat mate sepet pleaseee.. hahah..shhh~~!!rahsia kita2 je.hahaha..yeahhh rightt..but real thing..i just don't really fancy him.uiks!boleh tak? ;p neeways,had been having trouble to sleep lately..even in the evening like for a short i end up back aching coz i lo0ve laying down on the bed while using the lappy.BAD habit!!:P so since i duk layan manjalara and endless supercoolness chats with my buah hati.haha 'nurenchunk' laaa~~ <33 so pretty much..i need to stop doing,lately..i had been s0oo not constantly go for my i need to keep up working out..i need the energy and stamina for keeping??:p

had been supir,maid,gardener and fulltime i definitely need to work out up the house..definitely tiring.oh well,heading to bed now.hafta wake up early for a jog tomorrow.counting days til 16th..kakak is coming!!can't wait!!

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