Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i'm everything you're not

wowww~!!!'s sunny day and i had a good start usual woke up at 10am.haha..yeahh..yeah..anak dara bangun lambat?!! ;p but i just couldn't help myself.the comforter is s0oo..comforting? ;p well..just received an email from kaem yesterday..i was close to tears reading it.i wasn't in the right mood at that moment..but as soon as i read the email i feel like.yep,Allah is Great.. =) that's what friends are for.i'm everything they're not..they complete me..thanks babe!<33

so i woke up,did the laundries!! and washed the dishes!!,hanged the clothes!! and cleaned up the!!i'm definitely turning into surirumah yang been having 'more' than enough sleeps lately..10hours!!haha.yep!!i'm sure you all jealous..hehehe..especially those girls yang baru balik and still jetlag ;D peace (^__-)v i had a verrrryyyyyy longggg sleeeeeppp girls ;p so i have to work more.been controlling my meals and weight..i'm graduating s0on.takmo la baju tak muat plak kang =p lol.i gained 4 kilos after 2 years!!huh!

but i had loads of nice food lately..had sambal petai for dinner minus the petai.eww..terima kasihlerrr...i makan sambal je.petai tidak ye >:P with ikan!!the simplest cook is s0o delicious!! and then had tiramisu ice cream for dessert and i'm still holding back to eat my cheese cake ;p save the best for the last..hehehe..and i was having loads of chocolates keep me 'alive'.eh 'alive' ke 'lively'?hehehe..ntah la kan..both pun boleh.i need to get out laa..dah almost 2 weeks tak keluar in going out with friends la.i havent watched transformers,harry porter and even yang cite lama like ocean's 13, pirates of the carribean, fantastic four..ape lagi?u name it.sila jangan gelak.giler sengkek now.since elaun kena end up saving money and definitely in need of job!! sebab nak kena beli last one : fiza!! ;D and i wanna watch transformer next week!! haruss!!! i don't care!! ;p

others than that..the only movies i can watch are the one at HBO,SMV, dah bosan asyik tengok reruns.buweks!! and had been doing some online shopping.getting mama her aigner bag.suka dia! haku nih..haish..i want la one of those XOXO bag.cute!but nanti2 la..since dah tau website dia now..boleh la shopping selalu..window shopping pun takpe.cheaper ;p alamak..lapar plak tetiba.nak makan aiskrim la ;D later~

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