Monday, July 23, 2007

i really want to be a better person

lately i am not feeling well..although u can say i can chat to nuren for like 4hours and kaem for 3hrs!!and saying i'm sick? *cough*cough* but i am..maybe it's the's raining all day long yesterday..even today..haiyo...and the langit was like mendungggg je..otak haku pun ;D memang mood swings times 1000000..huhuhu..i dunno why..hormones?nah..i'm lack of dat ;p it must be the weather..

azz called me's s0o good to hear familiar voices through the makes you feel like 'sunny day'.it's been a while since pee called anyway.i know,you're on tight's ok :) me,defintely on tight budget too.just bought alang's gifts and hafta wait till next get fiza's gift plak ;p i need cash to even buy a card i can call pee.promised him.but nanti2lah..anyway,msn kan ada.. =) i hope it will be sunny on i can go for a walk with azz and nadz at the park..and breakfast too..finger crossed v

well..i really wanna be a better person.good one.body and soul..but benda yang halang.i cried again today.why?ntah.i dont have any specific must be the weather.i hate being's the worst and the weirdest feelings ever! it's not like i did something wrong..but sometimes even other people yang buat salah..i plak yang rasa mama..although you're not reading this..i dunno why..i just feel like saying sorry to you..BIG time..i may be the kinda of person who likes to choose her own way..stubborn and spoilt.if i'm not a good person.teach me to be one.if i'm not a better person.teach me to be i hope i could be a better person each day.ya give me strength..amin...

it must be the weather..haishh..

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