Sunday, July 22, 2007

hey ho lets go!

woww!!2 fuggin days is what i needed.and thanks to chunkie and kaem!! <33 remedies..just what i need.talking to friends and getting myself preoccupied.bloghopping and pojoe! huh!! suprise suprise!! you made me laugh thinking of it ;D takpe least i have 'something' to tease you next time! i'm done with 'him'.insyaAllah..pray for me..although it needed more time to heal (it wasnt THAT hurt though..but the ache is still there)..but i hope dat i can move on..(dun was nothing's something in the past)

so..had been listening to 'patah seribu' (quoting nadz ;p ) on and on and on..and suddenly 'menghapus jejakmu' was really really's weird when you feel like u needed more time will end up pouring to your besties to make you feel better..coz you know they will always be there for listen to your crap although it's not like a 'major' WWII anyways,yesterday met lela at OU.although for like 45mins.but sempat borak2 and saw her's good to see her.and congrats to aju!she's such a smart arse i shall say.bravo bravo! i can't imagine myself doing medicine.huhu.very bad 'view'.haha.but happy happy! met lela..after..3months ;p she's doing great and looking great too! and we are now both graduated!! weee~!! but as for me..i'm looking for a job..and i wasnt sure if i can still apply for masters this year..macam tak sempat je..but if tak sempat pun takpe..i can always hantar by the end of the rush ;)

and azz!! yeay!! you're back!! can't wait to see you.saw you in your cute white robe! and you looked lovely dear ;) hope to see you anytime soon..and as for now..i am busy sending resumes to here and there.i'm to picky i guess..getting offers from shah alam and klang..most japanese and computer companies are there.but i could not think of how to get there and my dad said that it's too far and it might be not worth it to travel all the way there..just for work.there are still other companies aroun kl..note that : close to my house and public transports are available :p so i have to decline them.recently applying for some companies in PJ and i hope for the best.finger the same time i am sending proposal for my master's programme.but i have to consult with the supervisor in japan first.because i think the application for this year is closed.

others than that..i just don't understand firefox!! blog looking figgin ugly bila buka guna firefox!urghhh!! tak adalah dinasihatkan kepada kawan2 bloggers saya..gunalah IE untuk membaca blog saya ;D sekian..terima kasih.peace y'all.have a nice weekend! (^__-)v

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