Wednesday, July 11, 2007

happy birthday to you ;)

to my everdearest kaem!!she had been such a lovely friend!!we were in the same skool til matrix!!and yep..we had fun!!it had been 10 wonderful years!! you had been such a good friend and good sport too!!

had a wonderful year last year with you!!roadtrip is definitely a YES-YES!!=) and we definitely had a blast at batu pahat kan!!!i loveeee those moments!!it's the best part of the year!! we were crazy but hey,that's just plain us,huh?

trust me,knowing will do just fine in warwick (is it warwick?? :P) wishing you all the best and may Allah bless you always..happy 23rd birthday nurul karimah!!and psst!!don't forget to call me :D can't wait to see you!! <33 have a GRRREAT day on your birthday! ;) love yah!! <33

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